About Mindy

Positive Transformation Writer
Fat Runner and Yogi
Co-Creator with the Universe
Hot Tea addict
I’ve been obese since before I could remember.

I wasn’t raised in a health conscious home growing up. I gave up fruits and veggies after the age of 3 due to taste and texture aversions. I didn’t come back to salads until I was 16. Portion control wasn’t a concept I learned until my college years. Luckily, the bullying growing up was limited as I tended to be oblivious to a lot of things back then. Plus, I was a happy {oblivious} kid, who never really acted out and befriended everyone.

It wasn’t until I took an interest in men did I realize that physical appearance mattered SO much and that I was not what turned men’s heads. This led me down the D/D cycle: popularly known as “depression and dessert” cycle.  Losing weight and being attractive were my #1 goals but I didn’t have any idea on how to go about it.

Learn from my experience:
Crash diets don’t work.
Diet pills don’t work.
Starving yourself or making yourself throw up doesn’t work.
Extreme cleanses do not work.
I’m not ashamed to say I did these things. I didn’t know any better.

I didn’t learn how to eat healthy until after a massive breakup from an abusive relationship. There was a lot of mental and emotional healing and the therapist made a point of addressing my unhealthy relationship with food as a comfort source.

I began watching my portions and opted for to go boxes to “half” my meals. I gave up soda and juice and did my best to drink more water and snack less while living at home. The scale stopped going up but it also didn’t go down. I counted my blessings and began trying online dating. Eventually, I started dating a man and on date #3 I knew I would marry him. (though I didn’t tell him this until after I married him 3 years later) He was also working on losing weight (and as all men do, having an easier time than us ladies).

Together we both worked on upping the healthy factor. Only skim milk or water. Healthy recipes. We started using My Fitness Pal. The only snacks were yogurt or Kashi bars. Limiting sugar is still a big goal. So, the food side was getting cleaned up and better habits were forming.

Exercise and gyms were my next hurtle. Absolutely hated this. Gyms were an anxiety zone and anything remotely looking like a PE class was instantly crossed off. It was only in late 2012 after a gal pal began running did I jump on the band wagon. It was cheap (HAHAHA! that thought was so cute) and I didn’t need to drive anywhere and plan around open/close times. I just needed shoes, headphones and my C25K app.

I completed my first 5K that December. 2013, the goal was 12 races. I finished at 16.


2014, the goal was 24 races but with longer distances, 10K, 15K and a Half. I finished at 30 but the Balloon Fest Half in September crashed me. I trained too hard, too fast and in a Texas summer. After that experience I took I hiatus from running.

Which lead to 2015 being the year of half-assness. I didn’t do yoga like I said I would. I walked at 5Ks we did. Work life was pushing me back into a depression which spilled over to my home life. I just stopped caring about everything.

Enter 2016. I changed jobs and began coming “home to myself”. I started running again. More art time and blogging again. There are still some rough patches where the negative nancy voice grips me and makes me second guess everything.

But then I go for a run and that shuts that bitch right up 🙂