Too Cold To Hold 2017

What’s up everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

My Birthday / Anniversary weekend was fabulously relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. We kept it low key and simple for Friday and Saturday. Today, however, was very exciting as it was the first race of 2017, Too Cold To Hold in Dallas, Texas.

Date: 01/29/2017
Location: Norbuck Park off of White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX
Put on By: Run Project
Distance(s): Half / 10k / 5k
Start time(s): 8:00am – Half / 8:30am – 10k and 5k
Weather: Low 40s with 10mph N winds  (WC: 33)

Hubby and our friend Christy conquered the 10k (6.2 mi) while I took up the 5k challenge (3.1mi). I wasn’t exactly sure how I would do as I hadn’t done a road race since September 2016. It wasn’t an easy course (compared to my treadmill) but it was relatively flat with some gradient around the lake. Aside from the few cyclists that missed the memo of the runner take over this was a calm race. Well, minus the one stroller that rolled up on my ankle and caused me to fall but strollers and dogs do have a reputation as “ankle biters”.

White Rock Lake is a major spot for runners and cyclists as it a 9.3 mile loop around to the lake with connection trails that can expand your loop up to 24.3 miles. As you can imagine, larger races like this one do tend to tick off local cyclists, who should know better by now. At this race, you have to watch for them coming up fast with attitudes to match.

Weather wise it was cold and windy which is par for the course around a lake. Last year it was the mid-60s so it’s really a coin toss for any winter race on what you get.

The Good:
I’ve been running for 3 years and I have never been disappointed with a Run Project race. The courses are well planned; swag is nice and of good quality, plus the medals are heavy solid pieces. The organization is spot on for event flow and great consideration to hydration and port-a-john access.

The 5k did not go over the bouncy bridge so that I can see as a win, not so much for the 10k and Half. Sorry, Hubby & Christy.


The Bad:
White Rock Lake has virtually no parking.

The races didn’t start until 8am but you HAD to get there between 6:15 – 6:30am if you want decent parking. The decent parking is actually parking on the side of the Buckner road (yellow arrows bottom right) near the start area. We got there about 6:20am and by 7am parking was getting dicey. You should know how to parallel park if you get there after 7am. By 7:30am you are just out of luck. Don’t push your luck with illegal parking off of Northeast Hwy – they will ticket you.

Final Thoughts:
If you are in the area and you want a solid reputable race in January (or early February) this really is the one to come to. Be prepared to come at the ass-crack of dawn and dress for the temps.  Keep your music turned down and watch out for the cyclists. You’ll have a kick ass time and enjoy some major race bling!


The rest of the day has been a breeze with the NHL All-Star Tournament just now coming to an end. and Hubby and I will be going out to eat at Carrabba’s to celebrate our anniversary. YUM!

Goodbye #29!

In the last 24 hours, I’ve had more sugar than in the last 6 months. I don’t feel guilty about it. No shame, no negative nancy voice.

For the first time, I decided to indulge without negative self-induced emotional blackmail. I agreed that from Wednesday 1/25 – Sunday 1/29 I was not going to weigh myself but I had to keep up with my water intake and do 20 minutes of yoga each day.
I was mindful at dinner yesterday to keep my portions down and bypassed the beer to go with the wings; a small but good choice.

Today my team celebrated by decorating my cubicle with streamers and balloons. They also brought my downfall. These did not sit at my desk long, as I did consume 3.
Stress and cupcakes just go well together. Thankfully, a coworker took the leftovers home.

Side note – Why is it when you are about to take a day off that suddenly all hell breaks lose?! My email was a bloody wildfire! UGH! recovery time!


Then afterward, I go to the store and begin cooking dinner, my husband comes home with my birthday surprise. 2 books that had been on my Xmas wishlist!! I’m a rock and gem fanatic so this was right up my crystal alley! The Nothing Bunt Cakes came out after dinner. He was so sneaky!!!

I’m actually going over to Silver Pyramid tomorrow for some overdue retail therapy, Oh yeah! Watch me break the geek- o- meter! Hubby actually laughed at me when I said I was only going to buy 1 rock…he had a point.
(If you are curious about gems/ rocks/crystal healing and the science behind it, check out Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy . Adore her!)


Hubby left shortly after 8:30pm to go play in Allen for his I-League ice hockey game that starts at 10pm. I considered going but I’m just too tired to stay up past 11, even if I have the day off tomorrow. So, I got a wonderful smooch and sent him on his way to go have fun with the guys. He is a quiet man so I’ve been pushing for some guy time outside our inner circle of 5.

So how does it feel to finally be on the cusp of 30?
Fabulous! Exciting! So many oppertunities are lining up as I get my health in check and continue working to lose the weight. I feel that some emotional baggage has lifted from stuff that happened in my 20s; I look at it as a fresh start to a new chapter in my life.

The first stop on my wonderful birthday? Turn off my 4am alarm! Night!

My Reasons

The biggest hurdle of going on this journey was that I had to honestly admit was “why am I going to do this?” What were my reasons? Was I doing this for me or for someone else? Both?

Below, in no particular order, is the ongoing list I came up with – some serious while others much funnier.

I want to lose weight so I can:

Not worry about the structure of slightly unstable chairs
No Type 2 diabetes (both sides of family)
To go to an Allen American’s/ Dallas Stars  game and not get bruises on my hips from the armrests (small seats)
Fit in a wetsuit for snorkeling/diving
Ride a rollercoaster again
Not overflow in an airplane seat
Also to not need an extender for said seat
To buy clothes at stores other than Kohls and Lane Bryant
To wear something sexy
To be able to buy lingerie and have the confidence to wear it
To be on the receiving end of the “look over” from men (aka to be attractive enough to warrant more than the usual “fat girl jeering”).
To not worry about “how bad I look eating _____”
To really make my husband turn his head and say “Wow”
Make him proud that he married me
To take in my size 26 wedding dress to a size 14-10 and renew my vows in it



Hubby, Me, and our best gal Christy


To enjoy bathing suit shopping
To actually buy a suit
Hell, to buy and wear a bikini!
Ride a horse without worrying about breaking its back
To have the flexibility to try new positions in bed
To fit in my dream car – 2017 Corvette Stingray (really the Z06 below but I couldn’t ever afford that so  being a “realistic dreamer” here, LOL!)034a1190
Be able to use a normal tailor’s tape measure
Oh to wear a pair of jeans in a size that begins with a 1# instead of a 2#
Run without jiggling
Not to make the treadmill move with my steps
Being able to bend down and touch my toes straight legged
Ugh – be able to use the smaller stall and wipe my ass without doing the crab dance
To sit back on my heels and actually touch my butt with them
To run a Half Marathon and not nearly die this time
Have my ass complimented
Do a real push up and plank
Cycle in a race
Be able to buy any bike and not have to fret on what the weight limit is.
Go carts
Hike up Stone Mountain, GA again
Do something that requires me fitting in a life jacket
Do a pull up
Wear knee high boots (calves too large)
Go to a water park
Sunbathe on a cruise
If I ever got to meet the Dallas Stars players I want to be an 8 (total vanity)
Attempt to wear heels?
Do a photoshoot



Coming Home

Long time, no see right?
I promise I didn’t die, I just had to wander until I discovered what direction my path wasn’t going in. Now I’ve come home. It feels surreal in a way.

I hit the pause button on this blog because it wasn’t fulfilling me, I really REALLY wanted to dedicate to a blog that covered my other interests. This worked for a time but I was so gun ho on becoming the next great life coach like my idols: Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte and Jess Carlson that I totally missed the fact that each of them has a story. A turning point in their life where they knew what they were destined to accomplish and share it with the world.

It was that realization that I was missing my story. My hurtle. What I could use to empower others in their own lives. So I stopped blogging for the last 2 months and hunkered down to review my 2017 goals and see if I could figure out my way home.

All my 2017 mind mapping kept coming back to my health and my desire to lose weight and my still crazy notion of running another Half marathon. On December 31, 2016 I clocked in at 325 lbs. I knew it had to end. I knew that in my current state I could not hope to run a Half marathon (2014 I did, barely, at 287lbs). I had to stop whining about the pity parties and fucking do the work.

That’s when I came home to Soul Sweat Fitness.

There is a lot of critical Mind, Body and Spirit work I need to do. Not every post will be fitness and food. However, every post will address what I’m going through to try and hit my 2017 health goal – Lose 50lbs.

Ultimate end goal? Lose 175 lbs to bring me back to a goal weight fo 150lbs. That might actually be too low for me but I’ll be happy to end in the 150-175 range.

So what’s been happening? Not as many races (trying to save money/pay off credit cards). Hubby and I now own a gym membership because his new schedule doesn’t really allow for an outdoor running regime. I’ve discovered Amazon video so I get my treadmill runs in watching Downton Abbey (yes I’m so late to the DA party). Gym visits are M/W/F with home yoga videos T/TH.

This last week I’ve tried to hop back on MFP but I had a super weight loss of 3.5lbs which will help me this week – It’s the Birthday week in our family. Dinner tonight at BJs Brewery with my parents (Dad’s Bday); Wednesday is Hubby’s and our friend Chaney’s Bdays so the gang is getting together for wings at Pluckers.  My Bday is Friday and finally, our 3 year anniversary is Saturday and we plan to hit Carrabba’s for Italian.

Total food splurge right before a race. We have Too Cold to Hold on Sunday the 29th.

Time for some Air

I’ve been meaning to do an update for a few days but one thing has lead to another and I’ve gotten behind.

The running has been going well and I’m getting use to hitting the gym(s) during this summer. Its not the best solution but hey…there is only so much we can do in summer here. I’ve had to move some days around but I’m liking the flexibility.

I’m trying to save up for new running shoes so that maybe my peroneal tendonitis will stop flaring up. I have about 200 miles on my current soles and for a 300lb woman that wears shoes down much faster than the standard “change them up after 300 miles” philosophy. I will definitely need it when I start hitting the 5 mile runs in a few weeks.

Work has been going well though its end of month aka The Crazy Week. Not hellish, but very busy and very mental. I had to stay about 30 minutes late so it does put a pushback on errands and gym time . I’ll be happy when August 1st gets here.

Races…Melon Dash is this Saturday (then we are going to a MLB game!) and then after that I am not sure what races we have up next. I don’t think we have anything for August. September will be Balloon Fest 5k and Half.

Also, I’ve started another blog (I said I wasn’t going to do this again…ha) this one is specifically for non fitness related posts. I do a lot of productivity, mental /emotional health, and spiritual wellness topics and I  need a space for those brain dump. I will probably comb my library here and filter out what should go out there maybe Sunday when I get some time. Its call Kyanite_Heart and it can fe found here. Its very bare bones right now but I hope to alternate posts between both.

Hope everyone is doing well! Longer updates to come 🙂


Dog Days of Summer

Summer has finally hit Texas.
Going outside feels like opening an oven.
The breeze, if we’re lucky to have one, feels like a a hair dryer.
The lows are in the mid 80s.
The heat index tops 113 degrees.
The only thing you hear is the cicadas calling to each other.

I don’t know a person alive that longs for running in this weather. Races during this time of the year are prone to have complications and I’ve seen more than my fair share of people passing out or worse heat stroke.

However, there is something about the dry air that thrills me. Like a cat in a sunny window I do enjoy  walking and feel the coarse air hitting me. Its Texas, its the land I walk on. Just something about it.

I’ve taken time away from blogging to work on personal matters and refocus on self healing from the terror acts in recent weeks. Being an Empath I feel emotions more strongly and the massacre in Dallas hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t run from the sorrow, rage, pain and surprisingly guilt over being white and how white privilege does play a role. I work an office with a majority of African Americans and Middle Eastern Americans and while it was business as usual – there was a difference in the air.

At the amazing race this weekend Too Hot to Handle  with 3,000 others we invaded White Rock Lake and you could tell the off duty officers were on edge. Thanking them and appreciating their job can only go so far…it won’t heal the rift. It won’t stop the inkling of fear. I just hope with time we will become a stronger community in the wake of tragedy.

Aside from grounding and working on healing from the events I’ve been toying with the idea of doing another Half Marathon. More specifically, The Dallas Half on December 11th.
Hubby is doing it; Christy is attempting the Full Marathon; and our mutual friend Stephanie will be also doing the Half. So, while my plan to do the Half for Too Cold to Hold in January was still on its time limit is 4 hours (which is too short). The Dallas Half is 6.5 hours (thanks due to the Half and Full courses overlapping). So for a winter Half, its really the best option. I’ll let you know what I decide.

And yes, I am enjoying Pokemon Go 🙂