It’s that time…

Well, it was bound to happen as the Wheel of the Year turns around again…Hairdryer season.
Also more lovingly called Treadmill Days,  the TarMelt, the 3 Month HotFlash.

Yes, Summer has finally touched down in Texas.

Now, in the past, we normally begin hitting the 100s towards the tail end of June. Tomorrow, we are on track for our first day of 100 degrees. I don’t know if Mother Nature is being kind only to brutally torture us in August or if global warming is making our summers wetter.

Either way, the grass is still green and my electricity bill is still not popping my eyes out of their sockets. Life is Good.

Running has progressed slowly. I had 2 weeks of great 3 mile runs on Saturdays but took the last week off after getting shot in the shoe by a UTI. I don’t like to run while on antibiotics and achey burning lady parts will refuse to see spandex. I worked on my yoga and pilates instead, and part of me really wish I hadn’t.

I’ll be on my last day of meds tomorrow and plan to hit the gym at work for some intervals to work on my tight hips before Saturday’s run.  I did 2 miles Tuesday and felt pretty nice, granted I was distracted with the built in TV treadmill. Forged in Fire was on and I have a thing for knives 🙂

My galpal recently sent me some stretch videos to help me with my hip flexors (she wanted to sit in lotus position for meditation and there is some hip flexor work apparently). She’s gotten in the good habit of daily stretching in the evenings and I’m working on starting that habit.

Lastly, after much drama with the apartment move, I finally decided to treat myself by updating my original Vivoactive (gen 1) to the new VivoActive HR. It was also my self-bribe to not fall off the running wagon again after this UTI business.

I’m really enjoying the new features and hope to give it a solid workout on Saturday. More to come on that!

I hope everyone is doing well and keep on running! Those steps don’t run themselves 😉


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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