The Move is done! Gimme my shoes!

Hello long lost friends! I’ve sucked and completely missed writing much of anything last month. It took over a week for my eye to heal from the cold nightmare and just in time for me to begin prepping for the move. Here’s a quick run through of the crazy month I just survived…

Sick the last week of May through 06/03
6/04 – 6/10: Purged my stuff by half while still healing (a cough stuck around)
6/11-6/16: Work/purged/cleaned. Reminded my Husband to purge his office
6/16: Rented crates delivered by
6/16-6/22: I took the full week off so to pack the WHOLE apartment.
6/23: Movers came and took 7 hours to move our stuff.

6/24-6/28: My Husband (whom I love) had items that “we had to move ourselves” and it ended up taking TEN round trips that weekend and then 3 more Tues/Wed. Plus we had a week to unpack the crates before pick up.
6/28: Final load, cleaned and turned in keys.
6/29: Last crates unpacked.
6/30: Crates are picked up that afternoon.

living room – all furniture grouped

garage – boxes and crates

garage – boxes and crates

Moving day – Sunny does not travel well, managed to get out of his carrier and panicked anytime the car was moving.

Hubby surprised me with my dream pen and new inks as a special “You Rock, Baby” for the sheer insanity of this move while he was at work (contractor – no work/no pay/no rent)

So packing, moving, and stairs have been my cardio of choice the last 4 weeks. I did also lose weight, specifically 3lbs, since 6/15… so that is a win!

Hubby went out for his first walk in the park but I wanted a chance to give ya’ll an update that I didn’t die from an eye infection; I’ve just been very very (stress level 13 out of 10) busy. For the most part, it’s over. There is some final unpacking but nothing that requires a deadline. I even got my art/meditation space set up yesterday.

Thankfully, I have another 2 days off for the 4th of July holiday so when Hubby goes to work tomorrow I will be hitting the Sam Houston Trail Park (aka 22 miles of awesomeness) for a morning run. I’m hoping for 1-2 miles as I’m really  out of running shape,  but a nice run/walk will be just the ticket to jumpstart my health.

I hope everyone is doing well, please check back for tomorrow’s Turtle report. It should be interesting. 🙂



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