No Runs this Week

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In my last post, I might have mentioned that Hubby came down with a cold from work Friday night and after playing nurse all weekend the symptoms kept up upon me too. The first sign was feeling my lymph nodes/tonsils swelling up like sponges hitting the water. I love my husband (and do not condone domestic violence) but man, I wanted to punch his leg cause I knew…oh I knew, what was coming next. <BEEEP!>

The first stage, a painful sore throat with no other symptoms, always scares me, I’ve had tonsillitis several times and that is much worse than a cold. One cold bug does not manifest the same way for each person, so I’m terrified that it’ll transform into the vilest of throat pains.

I forced myself to go to work yesterday because I already have most of my PTO time booked for next month’s move and I also needed a break from the sick husband. I was relieved, to a small degree, when the drainage/cough crud began later that afternoon. This was very good, no tonsillitis. I can breathe…ermm cough in relief.
I stayed at work as long as possible until my afternoon reporting was completed. Then I booked it around 2:15pm to go to the store and get soft foods for the two of us.

Soups, soft rolls, baked beans, easy mac and cheese, and that pre-cooked jack daniels pulled meat trays seem to be the winning ticket when you have a sore throat but your body needs substance.
I would also include instant oatmeal and peanut butter/ jam English muffins for breakfast and snacks. Nature Valley has a soft baked oatmeal squares that are a delicious choice and remind me of coffee cake.
A smart move I made this time was purchasing bottled water. When we’re sick we tend to stay in bed, and our water cooler is downstairs. So it’s common problem that we do not stay hydrated when our bodies need it.

I slept until about 7:30pm and made dinner (yay! nukeables!) and the easy mac was very warm and soothing for the throat. I figured it would cause coughing, but it was divine!

Now it’s Tuesday, and a sick day for the both of us (Hubby on #2), but I’m anticipating being at work tomorrow because I have a secret weapon for these types of colds.
Forcible Hacking. Yep, it sounds just like it is.

Morning and evening you bend over the sink with running water and forcibly cough the crud up until you think your throat will bleed. This gets a lot out and also loosens the nasal cavities so you can get some out with a tissue. Then it’s a spritz throat numbing spray and a cough drop and tuck yourself into bed.
Hubby still has the coughing fits but I’m not and that’s only because I get it out of the way as much as possible so I can sleep.

Needless to say, my running this week will be zero. This cold will take at least a week to run its course and my body will need recovery time, as all its energy is going into healing right now.

I wish you all happy and healthy runs!




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