Turtle report: C25K W1/D2



I’m late to posting this but I’ve been taking care of a sick husband for the last 2 days and somehow this has actually helped my weight loss (which doesn’t make much sense).

Date: 5/17/2017
Time: after work around 4pm
Weather: Pre- Summer warning. AKA 92 degrees, hair dryer winds and humid
Mood: I’m gonna finish. Then I’ll play some Ingress…..afterward: ” UGH, melting…car…need car.” Ingress was not played.
Headspace: Little hard to switch gears from thinking about work. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot this summer was going to be.
Weight: 321ish lbs. I haven’t been doing dailies this week
Plan Mileage: none
Actual Mileage: just over a mile
Gear Notes: left shoe is still feeling loose. I only have 140 miles on this pair so they should be holding up fine, but I’m beginning to think that due to my weight if the standard 300 miles is too high. Logically, they would degrade faster as the weight goes up. Good thing I have a second pair ready in the wings.

There were some stretch breaks as my calves and my peroneal muscle was not having fun on this particular run. I chalked that up to waiting too long between runs and not stretching and rolling like a should be (aka daily). The main goal was to just finish and get it done after work. Partially, I thought about hitting the treadmill but knowing how summers can be here I might as well start acclimating now.

So now it’s been 3 days since my last run, mostly due to the fact that we had rounds of storms since Thursday. Then Friday night Hubby came home with a “summer cold”, which knocked him flat on his ass.
I’m torn between being the doting nurse and saying suck it up. After all, I don’t get a rest day when I have a cold (still have to do the chores, cook etc). I love him but when he gets sick it takes everything out of him. I’m trying to be understanding and making sure he takes his meds and rests this weekend. He doesn’t get sick days at his job (contractor still) so he really needs to rest as much as possible.

I just fed him breakfast and he’s already asleep again, while I’m plotting the possibility of running between the raindrops today. Hmmm….

Now the strange thing is that yesterday I didn’t do anything but a quick med run and dinner/grocery run for a single day. The rest of the day I was up here next to him crocheting granny squares and rewatching Vikings on my laptop via Prime Video. It was a nice way to relax the day away – something we haven’t done in about a month.

FullSizeRender 6

So today when I got on the scale I was a bit shocked that it reflected back 318.8 lbs. I’ve barely been running and Saturday it was more hydration and rest than snacking and moving about. it doesn’t make sense but I’ll take it! This definitely proves that maybe not doing something every minute of the weekend is a good thing.

Well, I got to begin the laundry and dishes while Sir Snore catches some more Zzzzs. I hope you all have a nice dry weekend and keep running!



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