Turtle Report: C25K W1/D1

Howdy! Back in the day, I use to write up “Speedbump” training logs to keep me accountable and document the tiniest factors that contribute to the outcome of a workout such as diet choices, hydration, mental space, and weather with some funny musings and any pictures. Today it’s coming back!

Date: 5/14/2017, Mother’s Day
Time: OTD 7am
Weather: low 63, breezy, sunrise just happened.
Mood: Awake, surprisingly. I was up until 11pm writing my last blog post so I really wasn’t sure how the wake up was going to go. Work up naturally about 6:30am YAY!
Headspace: Clear (again, surprised it wasn’t foggy due to the late bedtime).
Weight: 321.2 this morning, so that’s the official number to tackle.
Plan Mileage: Finish W1/D1. Pace and distance, not a concern.
Actual Mileage: 1.38 miles / 36:50 min
Gear Notes:
Took the Griffin iTrip BlueTooth adapter for my Bose headphones for their first run together. The adapter works as a receiver for my phone so instead of having the headphones physically plugged in (and limiting my mobility) the phone just bluetooths from inside my pocket/vest. The iTrip also has track buttons which my Bose headphones are missing, which is my only gripe with them. There was some small static twice but not enough for me to be annoyed with. I’ll see if it continues.

My Osprey vest did have a small malfunction today with the rib straps that shimmied loose enough that the back of my left arm was hitting a sharp edge. I hadn’t noticed it before but it did require a gear dump and fix before continuing. Had this been a longer run it might have been more annoying. I’m still in absolute love with this vest!

Run completed! I got to play “tag’ with a few local cottontails and a crow family as I returned home. Once back, I got did my stretching, rolling and even had energy left for a 10 sec plank before coming upstairs to wake the Hubby.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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