Too Cold To Hold 2017

What’s up everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

My Birthday / Anniversary weekend was fabulously relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. We kept it low key and simple for Friday and Saturday. Today, however, was very exciting as it was the first race of 2017, Too Cold To Hold in Dallas, Texas.

Date: 01/29/2017
Location: Norbuck Park off of White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX
Put on By: Run Project
Distance(s): Half / 10k / 5k
Start time(s): 8:00am – Half / 8:30am – 10k and 5k
Weather: Low 40s with 10mph N winds  (WC: 33)

Hubby and our friend Christy conquered the 10k (6.2 mi) while I took up the 5k challenge (3.1mi). I wasn’t exactly sure how I would do as I hadn’t done a road race since September 2016. It wasn’t an easy course (compared to my treadmill) but it was relatively flat with some gradient around the lake. Aside from the few cyclists that missed the memo of the runner take over this was a calm race. Well, minus the one stroller that rolled up on my ankle and caused me to fall but strollers and dogs do have a reputation as “ankle biters”.

White Rock Lake is a major spot for runners and cyclists as it a 9.3 mile loop around to the lake with connection trails that can expand your loop up to 24.3 miles. As you can imagine, larger races like this one do tend to tick off local cyclists, who should know better by now. At this race, you have to watch for them coming up fast with attitudes to match.

Weather wise it was cold and windy which is par for the course around a lake. Last year it was the mid-60s so it’s really a coin toss for any winter race on what you get.

The Good:
I’ve been running for 3 years and I have never been disappointed with a Run Project race. The courses are well planned; swag is nice and of good quality, plus the medals are heavy solid pieces. The organization is spot on for event flow and great consideration to hydration and port-a-john access.

The 5k did not go over the bouncy bridge so that I can see as a win, not so much for the 10k and Half. Sorry, Hubby & Christy.


The Bad:
White Rock Lake has virtually no parking.

The races didn’t start until 8am but you HAD to get there between 6:15 – 6:30am if you want decent parking. The decent parking is actually parking on the side of the Buckner road (yellow arrows bottom right) near the start area. We got there about 6:20am and by 7am parking was getting dicey. You should know how to parallel park if you get there after 7am. By 7:30am you are just out of luck. Don’t push your luck with illegal parking off of Northeast Hwy – they will ticket you.

Final Thoughts:
If you are in the area and you want a solid reputable race in January (or early February) this really is the one to come to. Be prepared to come at the ass-crack of dawn and dress for the temps.  Keep your music turned down and watch out for the cyclists. You’ll have a kick ass time and enjoy some major race bling!


The rest of the day has been a breeze with the NHL All-Star Tournament just now coming to an end. and Hubby and I will be going out to eat at Carrabba’s to celebrate our anniversary. YUM!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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