My Reasons

The biggest hurdle of going on this journey was that I had to honestly admit was “why am I going to do this?” What were my reasons? Was I doing this for me or for someone else? Both?

Below, in no particular order, is the ongoing list I came up with – some serious while others much funnier.

I want to lose weight so I can:

Not worry about the structure of slightly unstable chairs
No Type 2 diabetes (both sides of family)
To go to an Allen American’s/ Dallas Stars  game and not get bruises on my hips from the armrests (small seats)
Fit in a wetsuit for snorkeling/diving
Ride a rollercoaster again
Not overflow in an airplane seat
Also to not need an extender for said seat
To buy clothes at stores other than Kohls and Lane Bryant
To wear something sexy
To be able to buy lingerie and have the confidence to wear it
To be on the receiving end of the “look over” from men (aka to be attractive enough to warrant more than the usual “fat girl jeering”).
To not worry about “how bad I look eating _____”
To really make my husband turn his head and say “Wow”
Make him proud that he married me
To take in my size 26 wedding dress to a size 14-10 and renew my vows in it



Hubby, Me, and our best gal Christy


To enjoy bathing suit shopping
To actually buy a suit
Hell, to buy and wear a bikini!
Ride a horse without worrying about breaking its back
To have the flexibility to try new positions in bed
To fit in my dream car – 2017 Corvette Stingray (really the Z06 below but I couldn’t ever afford that so  being a “realistic dreamer” here, LOL!)034a1190
Be able to use a normal tailor’s tape measure
Oh to wear a pair of jeans in a size that begins with a 1# instead of a 2#
Run without jiggling
Not to make the treadmill move with my steps
Being able to bend down and touch my toes straight legged
Ugh – be able to use the smaller stall and wipe my ass without doing the crab dance
To sit back on my heels and actually touch my butt with them
To run a Half Marathon and not nearly die this time
Have my ass complimented
Do a real push up and plank
Cycle in a race
Be able to buy any bike and not have to fret on what the weight limit is.
Go carts
Hike up Stone Mountain, GA again
Do something that requires me fitting in a life jacket
Do a pull up
Wear knee high boots (calves too large)
Go to a water park
Sunbathe on a cruise
If I ever got to meet the Dallas Stars players I want to be an 8 (total vanity)
Attempt to wear heels?
Do a photoshoot




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