Coming Home

Long time, no see right?
I promise I didn’t die, I just had to wander until I discovered what direction my path wasn’t going in. Now I’ve come home. It feels surreal in a way.

I hit the pause button on this blog because it wasn’t fulfilling me, I really REALLY wanted to dedicate to a blog that covered my other interests. This worked for a time but I was so gun ho on becoming the next great life coach like my idols: Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte and Jess Carlson that I totally missed the fact that each of them has a story. A turning point in their life where they knew what they were destined to accomplish and share it with the world.

It was that realization that I was missing my story. My hurtle. What I could use to empower others in their own lives. So I stopped blogging for the last 2 months and hunkered down to review my 2017 goals and see if I could figure out my way home.

All my 2017 mind mapping kept coming back to my health and my desire to lose weight and my still crazy notion of running another Half marathon. On December 31, 2016 I clocked in at 325 lbs. I knew it had to end. I knew that in my current state I could not hope to run a Half marathon (2014 I did, barely, at 287lbs). I had to stop whining about the pity parties and fucking do the work.

That’s when I came home to Soul Sweat Fitness.

There is a lot of critical Mind, Body and Spirit work I need to do. Not every post will be fitness and food. However, every post will address what I’m going through to try and hit my 2017 health goal – Lose 50lbs.

Ultimate end goal? Lose 175 lbs to bring me back to a goal weight fo 150lbs. That might actually be too low for me but I’ll be happy to end in the 150-175 range.

So what’s been happening? Not as many races (trying to save money/pay off credit cards). Hubby and I now own a gym membership because his new schedule doesn’t really allow for an outdoor running regime. I’ve discovered Amazon video so I get my treadmill runs in watching Downton Abbey (yes I’m so late to the DA party). Gym visits are M/W/F with home yoga videos T/TH.

This last week I’ve tried to hop back on MFP but I had a super weight loss of 3.5lbs which will help me this week – It’s the Birthday week in our family. Dinner tonight at BJs Brewery with my parents (Dad’s Bday); Wednesday is Hubby’s and our friend Chaney’s Bdays so the gang is getting together for wings at Pluckers.  My Bday is Friday and finally, our 3 year anniversary is Saturday and we plan to hit Carrabba’s for Italian.

Total food splurge right before a race. We have Too Cold to Hold on Sunday the 29th.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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