Time for some Air

I’ve been meaning to do an update for a few days but one thing has lead to another and I’ve gotten behind.

The running has been going well and I’m getting use to hitting the gym(s) during this summer. Its not the best solution but hey…there is only so much we can do in summer here. I’ve had to move some days around but I’m liking the flexibility.

I’m trying to save up for new running shoes so that maybe my peroneal tendonitis will stop flaring up. I have about 200 miles on my current soles and for a 300lb woman that wears shoes down much faster than the standard “change them up after 300 miles” philosophy. I will definitely need it when I start hitting the 5 mile runs in a few weeks.

Work has been going well though its end of month aka The Crazy Week. Not hellish, but very busy and very mental. I had to stay about 30 minutes late so it does put a pushback on errands and gym time . I’ll be happy when August 1st gets here.

Races…Melon Dash is this Saturday (then we are going to a MLB game!) and then after that I am not sure what races we have up next. I don’t think we have anything for August. September will be Balloon Fest 5k and Half.

Also, I’ve started another blog (I said I wasn’t going to do this again…ha) this one is specifically for non fitness related posts. I do a lot of productivity, mental /emotional health, and spiritual wellness topics and I  need a space for those brain dump. I will probably comb my library here and filter out what should go out there maybe Sunday when I get some time. Its call Kyanite_Heart and it can fe found here. Its very bare bones right now but I hope to alternate posts between both.

Hope everyone is doing well! Longer updates to come 🙂



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