Dog Days of Summer

Summer has finally hit Texas.
Going outside feels like opening an oven.
The breeze, if we’re lucky to have one, feels like a a hair dryer.
The lows are in the mid 80s.
The heat index tops 113 degrees.
The only thing you hear is the cicadas calling to each other.

I don’t know a person alive that longs for running in this weather. Races during this time of the year are prone to have complications and I’ve seen more than my fair share of people passing out or worse heat stroke.

However, there is something about the dry air that thrills me. Like a cat in a sunny window I do enjoy  walking and feel the coarse air hitting me. Its Texas, its the land I walk on. Just something about it.

I’ve taken time away from blogging to work on personal matters and refocus on self healing from the terror acts in recent weeks. Being an Empath I feel emotions more strongly and the massacre in Dallas hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t run from the sorrow, rage, pain and surprisingly guilt over being white and how white privilege does play a role. I work an office with a majority of African Americans and Middle Eastern Americans and while it was business as usual – there was a difference in the air.

At the amazing race this weekend Too Hot to Handle  with 3,000 others we invaded White Rock Lake and you could tell the off duty officers were on edge. Thanking them and appreciating their job can only go so far…it won’t heal the rift. It won’t stop the inkling of fear. I just hope with time we will become a stronger community in the wake of tragedy.

Aside from grounding and working on healing from the events I’ve been toying with the idea of doing another Half Marathon. More specifically, The Dallas Half on December 11th.
Hubby is doing it; Christy is attempting the Full Marathon; and our mutual friend Stephanie will be also doing the Half. So, while my plan to do the Half for Too Cold to Hold in January was still on its time limit is 4 hours (which is too short). The Dallas Half is 6.5 hours (thanks due to the Half and Full courses overlapping). So for a winter Half, its really the best option. I’ll let you know what I decide.

And yes, I am enjoying Pokemon Go 🙂




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