SpeedBump 6/26

Date: 6/26/2016
Time: 6:00am
Weather: Pre dawn, 79°, no wind and 82% humidity
Mood: excited! Doing something different
Headspace: Kinda annoyed but anxious to get going
Weight: 323
Plan Milage: no idea, more than 5?
Actual Milage: 10.36 miles

Finally! The sickness has abated! Yesterday was a lazy day for hubby and I, we literally did nothing constructive except eat meals. It was a necessary decompression day filled for the go go go the last few weekends. 

So I was determined to do some sort of exercise today in the wee hours. The coolest temp would be at 6am so 5:30 alarm was set. 

However the Fios box had other plans. It started beeping at 5am and the “silence alarm” button failed to work. I had to wake up Hubby to do the mainly thing and try to silence it before I took a hammer to the bloody thing. 

Awake,  I decided I might as well get a head start. 

Right before 6am I was pumped and on the Trek heading out to the trails. Par for the course the roads were deserted as traffic doesn’t start moving until Church time around here. 

About a mile ride to the Blue Bonnet Trail/ Preston Ridge Trail and smaller connectors. All in all, Plano really has a huge selection of trails and it’s easy to get a 40+ mile ride in without going in circles.

Plano Trails Here you can see the various ones we have. 
I was very happy with today’s ride as I was hoping for a nice sunrise adventure. There were numerous bunnies, a coyote, ducks, kestrels (2 family broods) Coopera Hawks and plenty of puppies to say hi to 🙂

I did realize that my bike is very dirty and I can’t remember when, if ever, it’s been maintained since I bought it years ago (riding intermittently). Luckily, I have a 4 day weekend next week so I’ll try to correct that. 

That’s all for today! Enjoy your Sunday and stay safe in the heat!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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