SpeedBump 6/18 Must Dash 5K!

Date: 6/18/2016
Time: 8am
Weather: Florida humid
Mood: happy but holy moly why so bloody humid?!?
Headspace: Please let Zombies distract me from the humidity…(85%)
Weight: unchanged
Plan Mileage: 3.10 miles
Actual Mileage: 3.19 miles

First…eat a solid balanced dinner the night before!!

I didn’t.

I picked at my food because my stomach was acting up and I was worried I had one of those 48 hour vicious stomach bugs again. (absolute hell) So this race did not go well. I finished and I had a decent time but I didn’t have a runner’s high. I felt more like Willie E Coyote after the Acme anvil fell on him.

This was the 4th time we’ve ran it so it was a well known course; I ended up finding Lynold and running in with him. The best part was this year we got cute finisher medal in the shape of a…well… a mustache!

I have about 45 minutes left at work so I’m trying to squeeze in a small shout out.

Tomorrow the Frontier tech should be coming to FINALLY fix our Fios cable/internet situation and I’ll be back to unrushed blog posts. My toes are crossed that it really is only the power supply to the ONT that is the issue and nothing else is fried. (we know the blue-ray payer, Stereo (our network hub) and the TV work).

I’ll be taking the day off and hopefully get a run or a bike ride in that morning. I’ve come down with a small cold/allergies so we’ll see what the body decrees tomorrow. I’ve already planned to rest this afternoon and nap/read until the alarm goes off to start dinner.
Thursday Hubby has a late game and Friday he is going “nerd gaming” at our local comic store (Star Wars: X Wing). I’d go but A) I’m not that into it and B) Its Friday Night Magic for MTG players and the place will be a madhouse of teenager hormones and BO. The gang use to get together to play but I’m too slow to learn and now the bunk of the group is back on its WOW kick, so I really have no reason to be up there twiddling my thumbs.

Hopefully, I can knock out more writing and actually get started on the watercolor painting on my desk 🙂
Wish me luck tomorrow!!!


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