SpeedBump 6/14

Date: 6/14/2016
Time: 5pm
Weather: Sunny and hot
Mood: tired but determined
Headspace: see above
Weight: didn’t check
Plan Mileage: 2 miles
Actual Mileage: 2.17 miles

I really need to consider switching up my Mondays for stretching but I made up my run on Tuesday. Again, it was after work so it was on the treadmill. It wasn’t too bad until I actually took a look at Garmin Connect and so my pace was at 28 minute mile O_O Whaaaa???

So clearly I got a problem because on pavement I sit around a 21-23 minute pace unless I’m doing the C25K app. Yeah, not real happy with that and I’m going to have to make a hard decision to either suck it up and invest in a case of sun screen and run after work; wait to run after dinner (when I’m trying to wind down for sleep) OR worst, wake up at 3am to get a run in, get home and clean up to leave for work at 6am and thus be exhausted before lunch.

*sigh* Decisions decisions…

I vote case of sweat proof sunscreen. And I’ll need to start bringing my gear to work so I can change then. If I wait until I get home then I’ll decide to do chores instead. I don’t know why…but I just do.

I’m still surviving having no internet connection since Sunday much better than my poor husband is slowly going mad and itching in more ways that digital withdrawal. Sunday afternoon was an eye opener because we have discovered, he magnetically attracts chiggers like children to a ice cream truck. Me, not one bite. He’s a touch annoyed about that while I try hard not to giggle. Long pants and bug spray..a girl scout knows better.

I’ll have to take off the 21st for the tech to come over so I plan on getting in a nice early run or bike ride pre dawn to enjoy the sun coming up and the semi cool breeze… and by semi cool I mean 75 degrees at 6am or 77 degrees at 5am :-/
What a way to begin the Summer Solstice! I’ll be a day late but I’ll try to fit some celebration in there too (I was doing a half day on Monday but had to give it up).

After that, it is getting through month end and then a FABULOUS 4 day holiday weekend from 7/2 – 7/5…
Oh the running I will do! Biking! Glorious NAPS!

An update on #OneHRC Marathon  here: http://www.hogwartsrunningclub.org/ )
HufflePuff 5K /     3.10 miles – completed!
Slytherin 6K /       3.73 miles – completed!
Ravenclaw 10K / 6.21 miles – in progress (4.36 of 6.21 completed) will be finished tomorrow for Must Dash 5K
Gryffindor 21K /  13.05 miles – up next (after tomorrow 1.25 miles banked from Must Dash 5K)

And to end on a funny note… pics from Thrill of the Grill 5K 🙂 Someone has to be the funny girl for those poor photographers



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