2016 Gear review! :)


A fat girl’s guide to new runners.

Absolutes: supportive sports bra, fitted running shoes

Essentials: music/headphones, some sort of digital way to track miles/time/pace/ steps etc
My 2016 Gear.

Shoes: Asics Kayanos women’s size 10.5 (Run On! or Amazon)
I got into this brand as a medium- high support running shoe because it’s what my husband can wear. The trick with shoes is try different items. Most running stores will have a return policy or exchange program so you can try and discover what works best for you.
Previous brands I’ve tried Brooks (high support) and Saucony (medium support) and I’m in love with Asics. I have a pair of black ones for work, my running pair and an everyday pair. I probably will not deviate from the Kayano model until they retire it. I started wearing them on model #19.

Shoe Accessory: Lock Laces

Never tie a shoe again J


Socks: Thorlos running socks (Run On! or Academy/ Amazon)
I cannot do thin athletic socks like Balega brand (Hubby swears by them). These are thick socks almost like hiking or camping style but I’ve cut down on my blisters since switching.


Compression Socks/Sleeves: I have a pair but I don’t use them enough to review.
Running pants: Tek Gear (Kohl’s) 2-3XL

Holy Grail of plus size running clothes for large women. Generous and flattering cuts. Multi colors and patterns. I personally stick with Capri length. I can’t do shorts/ skirts because the thigh rub will make one leg ride up into the crotch.  Either just above the knee or Capri length. Must be spandex material and not loose for me.

Running compression: UnderArmor men’s compression short 9 inch inseam in XXL or XL (Sports Authority, Academy, Amazon)
You will be shocked but women sweat too. I don’t know if men sweat in their crotch but unfortunately for me, and some women I know, if I’m sweating there will be an obvious crack mark on my pants. And I can’t wear nothing and chafe. Those cute running/athletic panties that are trending do not come in my size. So I’m left with either my cotton (hell no!) or some sort of compression short. There isn’t anything in a women’s cut over a large, so it’ men’s sizes for right now.


Running Shirt: Tek Gear (Kohl’s) 3XL
Holy Grail of plus size running clothes for large women. Generous and flattering cuts. Shirts are either short sleeve or sleeveless and long lengths that hide the tummy. I have worn 2xl- 3xl and neither have been restrictive or sticky the way some shirt can be. These are all I wear now.

Bra: front clasp sports bra 46DD (Lane Bryant)
Sadly, this looks to be discontinued. Due to my size, the back clasps would move and the hooks would cut into my back to the point of bleeding and scarring so I switched to a front clasp high impact sports bra. Title Nine store would be another place to look but I don’t think they care anything over a 40-42 and I have yet to see a front clasp extender (would have loved their Last Resort bra if it was bigger around the rib cage).

Luckily, I grabbed like 7 bras on clearance sale so I’m set for several years… but they are magenta pink and they bleed in the wash…careful with bright reds!

Bra Accessories: I still have the occasional chafe/scratching by the front clasp hooks so I use the Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin pads. (Walmart) These originally suppose to cut down on blisters and corns on your feet but work perfectly for this. There are 2 sizes of thickness. Go for the thinner package as it should have 3-4 pads instead of 2 thick ones. I just cut them into strips size that I need and stick them in place like a sticker to where the clasp sits on my clavicle. I have used these for the last year and half – never had one dislodge mid race.


Heart Rate Monitor: Scosche  Rhythm+  (Amazon)

Again, I have a ribcage of 40+ inches and heart rate straps move, won’t read under bras and general annoyances led me to an armband style. It links up via Bluetooth to most devices (check your versions of BT) and I have yet to have a malfunction or a problem with movement. I actually have a tan line from where mine sits. Well worth the cost ($80). Hubby agrees.


Watch/ Fitness Tracker: Garmin Vivoactive (Amazon)

I have tried MANY trackers. I went through 2 Nike bands. Garmin Vivofit and Vivofit2 as well as shelled out the big bucks for a Forerunner 620 (none of which were built in HRM). I loved the 620 but the only reason why I downsized from a $500 watch to a $220 watch was that the 620 did not count steps. So, I was wearing that on runs as well as my Vivofit and the Scosche HRM armband. I looked bloody ridiculous!

Plus I liked that multi sport, both indoor and outdoor, of the Vivoactive and the have the Garmin HQ was making it interactive for programmers to create options (like watch faces and activity profiles) that we can develop as 3rd party. It’s a small start but no other company had made that step of inclusion for its followers in development.

The one downside I had was have after a few months I developed a rash from the band. It has small ribbing and junk would get caught. They were so fine that I couldn’t just brush or scrub them. I had to take a safety pin to clear them of debris. Once the rash got so bad I could wear a watch for 3 weeks!  I broke down and got the leather band kit on Amazon. Fixed the problem completely.


Music Devices: iPhone for me due to the apps. If the iPod Nano could download apps I would consider switching. If I want to travel light and not plan on using any apps I’ll break out my iPod Shuffle. (Shopping varies)

Headphones: Bose Sound Sport headphones. (Bose.com/ Amazon) Clear quality but not noise cancelling-which is important when running. You have to be aware of your surroundings. So you can jam to your favorites but still overhear cars coming up behind you. I’ve never had an issue with sound quality, cord fraying or dislodging and I’ve been using the same set for over 2 years now.



Camelbak Quick grip Chill handheld water Bottle 21 ounce for short runs. (Amazon)
Camelbak Classic pack for longer than 5 miles ( 4 miles or longer in Summer) (Camelbak/ Amazon)


Storage Belts: Fitletic or SPIbelt (just look these up) My best galpal uses the Flipbelt and loves it (if in your size try it out) goes up to a waist 38 inches. I want to lose a bit more off my hips before I order one to try. (Varies/ Amazon)

Fuel: Gels, chews, Gatorade. The choices really are limitless so find what works for you. I’m partial to Honey Stingers Chews (Cherry and Orange flavors) (Amazon)


that’s all I have to share today! Whoohoo 2 posts in one day! 🙂
Got to love a slow work day…

have a great weekend everyone!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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