SpeedBump 6/11


Date: 6/11/2016
Time: 8am
Weather: humid enough that I went to the gym
Mood: pretty positive
Headspace: really wanted to sleep in and be naughty with Hubby. But I have a spa day from 12-3 so we’d need to eat lunch at 11am. I had a  3 hour window to complete my run, clean up and be ready for lunch.
PreWeight: honesty 320.0
PostWeight: after shower – 319.7
Plan Milage: 2 miles
Actual Milage: 2.04 miles


Whoohoo! $4.00 in the Run Budget! (curious? Read this)

While the weatherman called for 76° the humidity was at a sweltering 82%. Fuck that mess. I live in Texas, not Florida. I’ll run in high dry 90°s any day over that.
Humidity really kills down here because you feel like you just can’t breath and your skin can’t evaporate the sweat to cool. It literally makes me feel like I’m suffocating. So, I walked my butt down to the complex’s gym, newly renovated, for my 2 miles.

You know how some people either love or hate treadmills? I’m not one of them. Its a tool, useful when needed and with the abundance of apps to entertain us, you should be able to escape into your head for the time being (at least for a short run). I love my Zombies, Run! app and the story lines for the last 5 seasons are just AMAZING!

I ended up having 2 others come in to use the equipment and we all kind of stayed in our own space. After my 2 miles (speed 2.5-3.2) I tried to get on the bike but my legs were really not having any of that. So I didn’t get far on that machine.
With a 1 hour sauna and 2 hour deep tissue massage at noon I didn’t need to make the legs any tighter.

So that’s really it for this Speedbump log. No puppies or turtles to rescue in the gym. Oh! You will see that I updated the log part to include a pre and post weight. I read on Runner World that watching how much you sweat because even 3% dehydration via sweat stresses your cardio system. With Summer right on my heels I figured this might be something worth tracking and see how it affects my mood and runs in general.
What’s curious is I was drinking a 20 oz gatorade the whole time and still lost .3 of water weight in sweat in a gym. Food for thought on summer outdoor trainings, Huh?

Since it’s that time of year again…




Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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