Got to Burn to Earn!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Whoohoo!

I’ve taken the last few days to study my running plan and see if there way a way I could make it easier to stick to. I’ve sucked at keeping up with it and don’t like how I have been ignoring it for domestic chores.  yes, its hot in Texas but really my complex has a gym. I really have no excuse other than being lazy.

So I pondered and resorted back to the good ol’ standby of effort and reward but the reward could not be food. It should be a thing or something I have been wanting. However, I didn’t want to sink into the mindset that I could just workout once and then go out and buy a new stereo. The reward should fit the effort. So, what to do?

Well, the inspiration came when I realized I could tie in my idea of limiting my free spending by “earning my budget” aka I got to workout to earn my bucks.

This is what I came up with…

Every mile I run = $2.00
Every mile I walk (daily steps not counting) = $1.00
Every 30 minutes of yoga = $1.00
Every 5 miles on outdoor bike = $1.00
Every 10 miles on indoor bike = $1.00

So if there is something I want to buy, say…a new set of pens for my bullet journal that cost $25.00 then instead of justifying “oh, I have the money in my account.” and going out to spend money, I have to earn the reward of accessing those funds to buy the item.

This helps two-fold for me personally.

1) It gives me time to ask myself do I really want this thing or do I was the “newness” of having it? Or so I want to save my credits for something better down the line?
2) It slows my spending habits. Less money spent = more money to pay off debt.

So we’ll see how this works out. Right now I do not have anything on the retail therapy list so this may be the perfect time to give the experiment a go.
I also switched up the workouts slightly and added biking to the list.

Dedicated Days:
Running = Mon/ Weds/ Weekend (long run Sat or Sun depending on other activities)
Walking = Friday
Yoga = Tues/ Thurs
Biking = Weekend (non-long run day)

So what will this weekend look like? 2 mile run on Saturday and biking on Sunday. We’ll see how far I get 🙂 After all, got to burn to earn!

See ya’ll later!


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