Happy Memorial Day!

I didn’t run today…but I walked 5 miles.

Hubby and made a plan last week that if the rain was not too bad that we’d revisit out “pre marriage adventures” habit of picking a place – gardens, theater, zoo, show etc and have an adventure. As with most marriages after a while you get into a nice comfortable place but, after a bit the comfortableness kinda gets stagnant. So to liven it up with our extra day off we made a masterful plan… The Dallas Zoo.


Growing up in Arlington and about 30 minutes from Ft Worth, I personally had several fond memories of the Ft Worth Zoo both volunteering in the Summer Zoo Camp with kids and the Keeper Camp for several summers. So naturally I was very curious about what Dallas Zoo offered.

Now the Dallas Zoo is larger, 106 acres vs. Ft Worth’s at 64 acres but I think Ft Worth Zoo is better laid out and has more diversity. Dallas Zoo was fun but it was easy to see everything within a 3-3.5 hour walk about. Hubby said it was very run down about a decade ago so he was glad to see them updating and expanding (hippos coming soon).  I very much liked their keeper talks and animal shows which was not done at FTZ when I was going there on a regular basis.

It was a pleasant outing but it got very humid and muggy toward 1:30 when we called it quits. It was also getting crowded and yeah – there is only so much we can handle of crowds before its “make a break for it”. Plus, we are kid free by choice, so I can only handle screaming chaotic kids banging on glass and the parents thinking it’s cute for a set time limit.

The best show we saw what the Cheetah Encounter around 9:45am/2pm. Definitely a must see.

Here are some more interesting shot I was able to get from the adventures.

The Giraffe is just too dopy cute!

Afterwards we splat at home for a bit until Hubby announced he was craving good BBQ. Ideas were tossed about and I finally grabbed my keys and made a call. It was a good call.
New place and helluva good dinner at Kenny’s Smokehouse. Here’s the Menu.

This place is a bit in the trendy side of town which can be an issue parking during normal meal hours (actually we avoid it like the plague) but we ate early at the Zoo so i figured Hubby could handle an early dinner (aka 5pm). Amazingly, my badass wife skills found us a 1st floor garage spot within a 2 minute walk to the place. Hubby was in awe 😉

We started with the Smoked Brisket Stuffed Jalapenos (vermont cheddar, chipotle bbq ranch). They weren’t overly hot but had a decent kick of smokey bite. Best ones I’ve had in fact. Hubby was also pleased.

We then decided to split the Smoke House Sampler (brisket, pulled pork, jalapeno cheddar sausage, pork ribs, beef rib) which came with a size -Hubby got the Smoke House BBQ Fries and we got an extra side of me of the Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese.

The Sampler wasn’t as big as they claimed. Hubby could have polished that off without batting an eye (no appetizer or dessert though) but it was a great way to gauge just how well they knew their stuff.

But the Beef rib…holy mother of dragons…fall off the bone tender and juicy! Just give me a plate of those and I’m set! Its a hard to find menu item these days so we were VERY happy  to experience the meaty goodness.

Considering the Sampler size  we both were still not full so we went to try their dessert too. We opted for their chocolate brownie and ice cream (no dessert menu but daily special) Ohhh it was just enough to end the meal on a perfect note. We were full but not stuffed to the gills and everything brought to us was quality. The Smokehouse will be on our radar from now on!

Unfortunately, its back to work tomorrow and as end of month with a co worker out it will be a doozy for me.

In the mean time, off the pavement, I’m working on being calm and unfrazzled by outside forces.


Truth, I’m waiting for the approx, $1,000 ER bill and another doc bill from the Devil Qtip incident and we are pinching pennies to afford the Jeep tires Hubby needs to pass inspection in July and a $700-800 price tag. Did I mention my Prius is overdue to maintenance ($150)…ugh! Timing will make things interesting for sure.

So trying to live in the moment right now and just focus on being happy and not worrying so much.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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