SpeedBump 5/28


Date: 5/28/2016
Time: 8:15am
Weather: cloudy, 67° with a light breeze
Mood: I stayed up late so a touch sleepy but excited
Headspace: YAY! No Rain! Zombies or C25K app?
Weight: More than I want to admit. Have not done well on the menu side this week.
Plan Milage: No plan but more than 2 miles
Actual Milage: 3.13 miles

Again, I did not get a run in during the work week mostly due to rain. Absolutely annoying.
I finally caved yesterday and managed to stop into the apartment office to see what the new management had done to the previously crappy gym set up and what the new codes were to get in.
Well, I now have no excuse because it’s all frickin’ amazing. All the machines are state of the art, working  and ohh so shiny. 2 treadmills and 2 ellipticals, a whole set of weight machines plus balls and free weights.
I think I might just have to start changing at work so I can hit that gym as soon as I get in. Especially, when it starts getting dangerously hot outside and I won’t be able to go run at 9pm.

The foot is much better. Once the blister drains and I soak it the skin dries and shrinks back against the flesh. By Wednesday 5/25 it was a lovely callous and didn’t cause me any pain 🙂  YAY for building these feet back to runner shape! 😛

On my way back home I passed another garage and found myself getting sweetly chattered at by the momma bird swallow which just made me grin like an idiot. I grew up with watching broods on the eve of the front porch of my parents house for years. I even have 2 swallows tattooed on my ankles to represent my parents and the happy childhood I had.

So finding a new nest in my complex was just fabulous, and its pretty recent. I hope they let the pair raise the brood before tearing it down.

Well, its short at sweet today. I have another massage to get to in 15 minutes around the block. 🙂 Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Weekend!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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