SpeedBump 5/20 & 21

Double Header!!

Date: 5/20/2016
Time: about 5pm
Weather: Ugh. Bright full sun, no breeze and 73°
Mood: Sleepy (long night Thursday) Hell yeah its Friday! Slow day at work and now I can run.
Headspace: Fuck summer is on its way. Where are my damn clouds?
Weight: NA – forgot to check in this morning. Sleep was more important.
Plan Milage: 2-3 miles
Actual Milage: 2.05 miles

I got a preview of what Mother Nature has up her sleeve today. By mid June I’ll have to shift my run towards 7-9pm and not directly after work at 5pm. It was just sweltering. I’m really glad I got the 100 oz of water down while at work because if I hadn’t this run would have been cut very short.

One problem I did have was I tried out my thinner socks Balega brand and I had forgotten that my Lock laces were set up for my usual socks Thorlos which are very thick but cuts down on blisters (for me atleast). So I’m running and my NLF (Notorious Left Foot) is just sliding around in my shoe. I’m getting hot and just not mentally into this run. Realization hits and  I stop to snug up the shoe. Better. I was able to finish up. When I was running through the back of the complex I saw a nice lady and the CUTEST PUPPY. I was so in love I picked up the ball of fur and got puppy kisses. Let me tell you – Puppy Kisses at the finish line was just what the doctor ordered.


Date: 5/21/2016
Time: about 8:15am
Weather: more bright full sun, slight breeze and 74°
Mood: RACE DAY! Been awake since about 5am. #beastmode
Headspace: same as the Mood above until about a 1/4 into the first mile. No.Breeze. Why did they change the course to a down ‘n back? Why shuck us into one lane? Where was the sign for that? NO BLOODY BREEZE! Then with .50 left My foot feels funny…oh gawd…not another blister in THAT spot. 
Weight: NA – forgot to check in this morning. I’ll do it tomorrow morning.
Plan Milage: 2 miles
Actual Milage: 3.12 miles
I PRed!

This was a mental race as you can see from the Headspace comments. The really only good thing was I ran into my buddy Lynold. We ran this race together last year. 79 year old still running every morning, I hope to be like him at that age. We did intervals most of the race and walked at the water stops. I helped him hit his goal of under and hour this time.


And guess what….I PRed!

I had not completed a 5K in under an hour for the better over a year and a half. Today, my Garmin time was 59:05!!! Ohhh the happy tears…well mostly happy. I knew I had a massive blister to deal with.

And…..the following is a lesson in pain. I have yet to lose a nail but my problem is a get blisters on 1 foot. And I’m not talking about a wee little thing on my toe. I get Half dollar size on one area of my foot.
Pic 1 shows the outline of where the skin has pulled away and fluid under.
Pic 2 shows after I pierced it to drain the fluid how large it is. The rest of the blister hasn’t pulled away yet so that’s why it appears smaller.

Now, everyone has a preference to handling these. Some them them alone. I prick to drain and let air get under it. For me, this allows the skin below to toughen up faster and in a few days the “puffed” portion will be ready to cut away. The rest will peel when its ready.

I was kinda expecting to get one today as hot as it was and the fact I’m retraining on a run/walk app and hadn’t push a pace faster then 21:00 ever. Today I was averaging 18:30 which was awesome.

So tomorrow’s run might get turned into a morning walk depending on how it feels.
Right now Hubby is snuggled up next to me as I type…he said he “wasn’t going to take a nap.”

Yeah…I hear light snoring.

I got about 10 minutes to toss on a bra and get to my massage so that’s it for today! 🙂


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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