The Water Challenge

Happy Friday Peeps!

Hope everyone is doing exceptionally well today.

Today the rain has finally parted, leaving me with a nice 76 degrees and cloudy skies – my fav running weather! So excited!
Monday I was out sick and swamped with work Wednesday to get my runs in. L However that is about to change today!

I plan on getting home in a few hours and getting 2-3 miles in before Hubby gets home for dinner. I want 3 miles but I’’ll have to see how my body handles the water challenge. Saturday the Trio has a 5K – Thrill of the Grill in Plano which will be fabulous!


Saturday afternoon is a 2 hour massage for me *swoon*. Sunday will be a 2 mile run first thing in the morning.

Total mileage this week –   7 miles hopefully.

Now this water challenge I speak of…

Did you know that  60% of our bodies are made up of water?
Did you know that you brain cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst?
So before you reach for that snack…why not try a glass of water?

Back in my early training days I spent a lot of time researching/ geeking out on running habits and “proper” everything.
One of which was proper hydration tips. Living in Texas and training outside during summer this was essential knowledge!
Ofcourse…once you start Googling you have 10 different answers.

8 glasses.
8 oz glasses = 64 oz
Ounces calculated by weight.
This much in the morning…
This much with lemon…

It’s a bit daunting.

The tool I used and physically feel my best is I drink my weight X 2/3rds.
So 320lbs X .66  = 211.2 ounces which is A LOT.

128 ounces = a gallon, so this method has me drinking nearly 2 gallons a day. Yeah…. That’s not happening. Maybe prepping and during a 10 miler in Summer heat…but not everyday.

My other rule of thumb is my pee better be a faint, like barely there straw yellow color. That means the kidneys are flushing everything out.

urine_test   Y
Yes, I did just add that image. No, I have no shame.


So for me, personally, to feel my best and avoid dehydration headaches I try to drink AT LEAST 1 gallon of water a day.
Granted you have to understand, water is the main liquid I drink already. Sometimes skim milk with dinner and more often hot tea during the mornings. No sodas or sports drinks (well…sports drinks may bean exception for like 5 miler or longer or summer time heat) but not every 3 miler requires Gatorade. Every day requires water.

My goal at work right now is to drink (2) 50oz bottles a day. 1 for morning and 1 for afternoon.


I started that this week and I am feeling a vast difference in general but also my attitude. If I have too little water I get headaches, grumpy and a little snarky. So far the guzzlement is going well at work – this weekend might prove a different tale. I might just take one home with me.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll post an update on Sunday 🙂 Run Hard!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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