SpeedBump 5/13

Date: 5/13/2016
Time: 8:30am
Weather: Gorgeous!  cloudy, 61° and a cool but strong breeze
Mood: Surprisingly calm. Not anxious about running
Headspace: Loosely focused. Trying to watch left foot strike and not think of ER bill
Weight: 320.0 this morning
Plan Milage: 2 miles
Actual Milage: 2.67 miles

Day One of training completed!
C25K App – W1/D3 &W2/D1 (W1/D1-2 completed 5/6/2016)
Very happy with today’s run though it was harder to get up than I had intended. Still managed to head out before 9am which made me smile. I took my usual haunt through the neighborhood both sidewalk and street depending on where the roofers were converging.
Rabbits were plentiful as were the songbirds. No cute puppies but I did find one little friend who is now the namesake of the running log 🙂

This little red eared slider was in the middle of the street where there were 5 construction vehicles belonging to the roofers. He’d be squashed flat if I hadn’t grabbed him in time. We continued the run towards the creek where I snapped this shot before restoring him to the creek.
Springtime and after storms these guys pop up in the oddest of places.


The plan is to hopefully get a mile in tomorrow but Hubby is plotting a Munzee Hunt as well as some Geocaching before his hockey class so my mile might be scratched unless I count it as a walk.
While I don’t want to miss a run, the fact that the last 3 weeks Hubby has tweaked his back; had cold sores; and the ER visit I’m pretty thrilled he wants to get back out and “do something”. Healing is coming along very nicely = happy wife.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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