Art weekend

Good Morning Lovelies!

Last day of my 3 day weekend and I must say it has been fabulous! Here is a recap of all the stuff I did.

Friday 5/6 – My Me Day
Ahhhh, woke up early and had the gumption to get dressed in my running clothes and head out to Oak Pointe Preserve for a short run. I actually left before Hubby did for work because I wanted to be at the park by 8am. 1) I didn’t know how busy it might be… and 2) I had no clue what traffic might be like.
Remember, I am usually at work by 6:30am… I don’t know what rush hour looks like.

I really enjoyed this park as its not every populated but that wasn’t always the case.This park was part of the route for my 2014 Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon. Because of how rough that race was on me I got turned off from running for a while. Today, I restarted my free Couch25K app from Zen labs and did week 1/ workout 1 & 2. I posted the below in Facebook. I managed to get 3.2 miles in which brought my HRC – HBP virt. Half to 4.79 miles left (as of 5/8 its 3.53 miles)

It is in honor of my sole sister Christy that I ran today. She’s making a dream come true in Disneyland this weekend. She got me into running years ago and back into running after my hiatus. Today I conquered Oak Point Park where my Half marathon nearly killed me in 2014.
Today’s run had no pain, great intervals and the first runners high in a long time.

Saw lots of frogs, snakes, egrets and herons and captured a few Munzees. After about an hour or so I was happy to pool back into my car and head home. By 10am I was cleaned up and relaxing.

I did end up breaking my no laptop rule as I had to do some watercolor research and worked on stretching some paper before lunch. I also had no clue what  subject I would paint. I figured just messing around I didn’t need a subject. I picked dragonflies after seeing Stephanie Law’s gorgeous work. if you want to learn drawing and watercolor you HAVE to pick up her books and reach both her blogs. She is so down to earth!

Painting began after a lunch at Paradise Bakery (aka salad heaven)!

Here you can see my silly “what do these paints do?” tester…yeah I learned there is Opaque and Transparent watercolors…I have opaque but I want transparent…LOL! Lessons learned! I’ll have to hit Michaels again (or order from Dick Blick)

I started to do some sketching (haven’t done that in years!) and stuck with dragonflies. I definitely have an idea in my head for wings. I then switched over to working on human form – that which I am so horrible at. I watched a few youtube videos and worked on jointed stick figures.

IMG_1656 2

I journaled, drank hot tea and listened to Pandora until about 3pm. Then I finally had to clean up the blanket I crocheted for my Mom for Mother’s Day. I was going for a king size blanket but since I have no concept of dimensions…. it ended up being a bit….large. 12X5ft actually. I had started this back around thanksgiving of 2015.


Hubby was soon to be home so I did a few small things on the computer and then we went to go eat dinner at Jason’s.

All and all a perfect sanity day and not once did I think about work 🙂 I enjoyed a lot art and a deeply meditative time that I had been so desperately needing.

Saturday 5/7 – Low key and family dinner

Hubby and I took today easy today. He’s still recovering from a cold virus and a tweaked back. We chilled at home until lunchtime, me with my art and him with his new video game upstairs. After lunch we watched the Dallas Stars game which we shall not discuss here. Then I had the funness of trying to box up the blanket while hoping to catch the Kentucky Derby. We left to meet my folks at Cracker Barrel in Grapevine for an early Mother’s Day dinner which was full of fun and sass and my dessert crutch: Double Fudge Coca Cola cake.

Thank Goddess, we don’t have one of these in Plano. I’d be so screwed!


Sunday 5/8 – Normalcy

Ah, Sunday. The day of errands, chores and hockey class. Yep, my sanity Friday holiday is long since gone. I woke up about 6am and began working on my training plan for running (another post) and realized I never did stop to get oatmeal yesterday for Hubby, who will only eat oatmeal in the mornings. With the threat of storms I cut my run and substituted a walk to the store and back with the breakfast essentials. I’ll have to go back later today anyways.
No rain, but the humidity was way way up and walking a mile in jeans was not the most fun but the breeze was sure nice! Now we’ll be heading out for lunch and onwards to Hubby’s hockey class and I’ll have me some crochet time.
Afterwards, we’ll probably hit dinner and then I’ll hopefully have a meal plan for this week and go shopping.

Stay dry everyone! More to come on that running plan 😉

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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