Hello 3 day weekend!


Hahahaaha! Goddess bless PTO accruement!

After 2 months  in the new job I put my foot down for a much needed mental day and decided to put in for tomorrow. I had planned on a nice art half day – as I would first need to clear out my studio space. Surprisingly, Hubby texted me Thursday afternoon that his boss was in town and wanted to do a team dinner so I was on my own for the evening.

I can do anything I want?
I don’t have to do laundry or dishes?


Not knowing what I was going to do with myself, I did the only logical thing…I went to Michaels.



I was actually planning to cull my art supplies. Toss old empty paint and mixed media I’d been *sightly* hoarding. But instead I went to get more…

Hypocrite, yes. But a damn happy one with my Coupons!

Anyways, I left with a modest purchase of water color paints, paper and a small set of brushes. I behaved! I behaved so well I *didn’t* buy one  string of 50% beads. Now THAT is a feat!

So I got home…and looked at my studio space….and sighed.
Yep, I had to. Elbow grease time.

It didn’t take too long but it did take most of the dining area to reorganize. I took out 2 trash bags full to the dumpster. The desk was upgraded as a writing table/altar, but with a shower curtain cutout and my towels I can paint on it as well. Watercolors take more patience and planning than my usual “muck with acrylics”. I figure it’s a good push in the right area to grow in my art. Either way, it made me clean the space.

After some incense, music and sage smudging it was ready to enjoy. And I finished by 8pm just 15 minutes before Hubby texted me that he was on his way home.

Now tomorrow, aside from lunch and a morning run, I have no reason to leave the apartment.
Now with a clean studio, I have no excuse not to make art.
I can reread my lessons and work on my crochet blanket.

It will be a day of relaxation, “slow-the-fuck-down”, and no laptop. I’m going to try to go “unplugged” for the time I am at home.

Well, It’s time for my Webinar with Jess Carlson for CWA course. Hope everyone has a good night! I’ll add pictures and updates tomorrow evening.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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