Slightly Veering off


Most blogs you find usually pertain to a certain topic niche and you may follow that blog because the topic interests you and getting a little email update that “oh! there is something new!” can literally make your day.

Truth is my blogs have never been like that. This space is very much a journal of sorts, illustrating just how random things can be but how positive change can affect everything.
I’ve tried before to separate the topics into individual blogs but in the end it doesn’t work out and I end up closing one or more.

So, I’m going to stop trying to niche my musings.

I’m going to include everything here and not leave anything out.

Which means, I’ll be pulling more spirituality and more faith-base topics in.
While some of you are smiling and nodding I’m saying this to forward you that you might not want to continue following this blog…because I’m not a mainstream faith.

I’m a Pagan/ Witch/ Wiccan depending on where I am and whom I’m around. In the most general sense I follow a Nature – based spirituality with emphasis in spiritual awaking, healing and self discovery.
No, I don’t worship the Christian devil, eat babies or ride a broomstick naked during the full moon. Granted, if you believe any of that nonsense then I might have some ocean front property in Arizona I can sell you…

Believe me, people have seriously asked me these things which makes we wonder about the human race as a whole. 😦 Yikes! And someone asked me the other day if the sinking of the Titanic actually happened….*head in hands* Oye vey…

Anywho, you’ll see more of this subject matter begin popping up in the blog. If you’re cool with it- Great! if not, well you should know how to unfollow/ unsubscribe  a blog. I’ll miss you.




Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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