Weekend round up!


The Red Balloon Run and Ride 4/23/2016

I meant to write this over the weekend but we ended up exceedingly busy and I was too brain dead to put sentences together in any language remotely close to English.

Saturday was the first time Hubby and I did the Children’s Medical Center’s Red Balloon Run and Ride 5K and it was a mixed bag of experiences. I do not think we will run that race again but we will give it another shot with the bicycles next year.


Some problems we had (Strictly MHO) –

1) 10:30 am race start – This was the latest start we have ever had. Naturally, I understand the need for the cyclists to go out first at 7am due to the 24, 32, 56, 72 mile distance they cover (and the roads have to be closed = $$$) but running out in full sun on pavement is sweltering. Texas weather is not known to be kind.

2) Parking – There were 2 lots. One was for cyclists that would fill up by 8:30am and then the second one was about .75 miles away from the start. They failed to mention that another lot would be open for parking much much closer. We didn’t learn this until trudging back to the car.

3) NOT 5K Distance – race was 2.85 miles not 3.10 miles. This sucked because Hubby would have PRed.

4) NOT Timed – Hubby runs for time. This was a letdown because the website never said the race was not timed. We did not know it until bib pick up.

5) Disorganized ending – It’s a great family fun event, hands down. A lot of stuff for kids to do and stay entertained. However, there was no water station at the end of the race or a visible recovery snack area. It was deep in the carnival of booths. I ended up sending Hubby to find the Gatorade.

So we are considering taking the bikes out next year but I’m not interested in running this event again.


Sunday was a fun day of Munzee hunting and some Geocaching up at a local park where I “saved” my hubby from a rather surprising find. Very cute… from a distance….


3ft long Copperhead

We traveled up to McKinney for lunch but didn’t have the greatest experience at The Celt. We won’t eat there again. We have a better Irish pub with non – microwave food in Plano we will enjoy. Next weekend I think we will try the recommended Square Burger. Afterwards it was more Munzee hunting and onward to Hubby’s hockey class at Allen.


New HRC race Announced!


The Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon!

Whoohoo! The Medals for Umbridge race are shipping today and they announce late last week the 3rd race of the year. The Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon! I already have 4 miles down from Sunday’s antics so 9 more to go! 🙂  Here is the blurb from their site regarding it…

“This event got bumped from the event lineups in both 2014 and 2015, but now it’s finally here! And while the timing of this event is purely coincidence, we cannot ignore the fact that we lost our Half-Blood Prince, Alan Rickman, to pancreatic cancer in January. Hence, it is in his honor that the proceeds from this event will go to support Project Purple…a team of runners dedicated to defeating pancreatic cancer, raising awareness, and supporting patients and families affected by this terrible disease that kills more than 80% of those diagnosed…

While you can complete the distance any time you want, we are encouraging as many people as possible to complete their half marathon (or the last part of it) on Saturday, May 14th.” – HRC site.

My legs are still recovering from our adventure packed weekend so today will be a “Chore and Crochet” afternoon. I have a massive 9ft long crochet blanket I am desperate to finish for Mother’s Day on 5/8.
I’ve not seen Game of Thrones yet because  we will be watching the Blackhawks vs. the Blues to find out which team will be facing our Dallas Stars for round 2 of the Stanley cup Playoffs. Go Stars!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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