Hockey and Cards

Rain Rain and more Rain!
Well the bluebonnets will enjoy this, though I’m gonna be a bit mad if I am forced to skip 4-5 days between runs. My back up will have to be extra yoga or throw in some pilates in between. Ugh! And I just got more running socks. #firstworldrunningproblems
Next week will be EOM week so work will be a bit chaotic and I don’t know when I will get home, much less get a run in.
This weekend marks the end of the Umbridge race window for HRC so I am anxious to see what the next race will be. I’m hoping something with Hermione.

Right now I’m listening to the sound of the zamboni up at the Allen Community Skate Rink while my Hubby has his hockey class. Its an hour long so I figured I can get some more writing in. I’ll have more time coming up soon. Hubby begins I-League and  those late night games are just not going to gel with my 4:30am wake up. I’ll have 2 nights a week open up for me to unleash more creative ventures.

I’m still having some issues with double posting to Twitter so if you follow me there, sorry! It seems I can’t get this bug corrected, but at least I am not the only one having the issue.

I wanted to toss in a 3 card reading for next week as its been a while since I have used the cards on here. This will be for this week 4/18 -4/24 (I begin my weeks on Monday fyi)

#1 -Mental
6 of Cups
The 6 of Cups is a good reminder of childhood innocence, good intentions and simple pleasures. It is urging to remember the open-mindedness of a child’s perspective and to push back against the narrowness that fold over us all with the complexities of life and responsibility. Stop thinking  always of “what I have to/should do” and more of “what can I do? What do I want to accomplish today?” It doesn’t, and shouldn’t be, always a To Do list.

#2 – Emotional
Queen of Wands
The Queen of Wands is the dominant feminine energy of the element of Fire. She is not afraid to demonstrate her skills to others nor does she shy away from a challenge. She is therefore a strong leader who is focused on her desires, intending to get what she wants. Thus, the Queen of Wands indicates that you are strong, independent and able to take care of yourself and sustain your own creative vision, even in the face of adversity.The Queen of Wands asks you to be bold and courageous in your undertakings and actions. Your creative energies are high and you have a good sense of your life direction. You are highly optimistic, confident and full of ideas that you are ready to implement and share with others. You have an ability to express your passions with great authenticity and courage.

#3 – Spiritual
King of Wands
The King of Wands represents pure fire energy. Unlike the other Wands court cards, he is not so interesting in actual creation and creativity, or in dreaming up ideas and implementing them himself. Instead, he is more inclined to take an idea and change the world to match his vision. The King of Wands reminds you to lead your life with intent, vision and a long-term view. Know that even though you are experiencing challenges now this is just a part of your journey to something much more positive. The appearance of the King of Wands also suggests that an opportunity is presenting itself to you, and you now have the power to accept the opportunity and take on the challenge.

So for this week don’t get sucked into the mindset of “Must Dos” and give up your childhood “wonder” for the rigidity of adult responsibilities. Day dream and enjoy the simple moments. Stop worrying about the dishes. Emotionally, go for your goals with a fierce determination even, and especially, if they go against the grain of “normalcy”.
Keep dreaming, keep you eyes on the long term goals and work toward them. review them weekly so you do not get behind. Change what needs to change to make them happen.

Alrightie, Hubby’s class is just about over and my fingers are a bit frozen to continue typing. Hope everyone has a great rest of their Sunday!


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