New Job Musings





There are moments where you look back and think why did I do this.
Why here.
Why this.
Bad things happen to open the doors for healing.
Losing a job paves the way for a better one.
Manifesting your core desires makes dreams come true.

I’m writing after the whirlwind has settled down.
On February 17th I accepted a new job in a different department. Most people were very happy for me but also very sad as my customer service skills were par none on the team.
I just couldn’t stay anymore. I felt stagnate.

I was becoming depressed at the thought of being “kept” there due to the fact turn over is a major problem. I had been there over 2.5 years with no hope of advancement.
Over 8 people had turned over in that time frame.

During the Departmental meeting this week. I expected the announcement. I expected some award for gratitude of service as they had done with others before me…
No Acknowledgement.
That hurt a little bit…I won’t lie.
Usually they require a “transition period” of half days for anyone in the past who posted out on our team. Only once did they not do that…and they were vocal about “Just go.”.
Am I required to have a this transitional period?

I’ll get moved 3/10, my last day with the current team and now I have been told that I can start training that day as well. They don’t want me as backup for  the reminder until 3/14.

So the dust is settling.
My bags are packed.
I’m ready to continue on to new things.
New (non- toxic) environment.
New projects.

The new job will be totally new to me in both department and work type. I’ll have simpler hours, only 7 to 4pm with no splits or WFH requirements for off hours.
Overtime will be expected towards the end of the month.
More customer service which is what I want.

All these changes will allow me to grow into a more business savvy person so I can develop my dream of being my own boss and working at a life coach.

Dreams are coming together 🙂




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