I admit I take A LOT of things I have for Granted.

I found, fell in love and married my best friend.
I have my health.
I have a nice apartment.
I have a good paying job.
I can pay my bills and have some left.
I have a reliable car.
I have multiple technologies to stay connected.
I can paint, write and get massages.
And much much more…

But at times I’m still not happy.

I want a different job that is less stressful (but I want to get the same pay).
I want us to be able to move into a house (so I can get my dog).
I want for us to go on another cruise (So I can get away from everything).
I want to lose weight (but I am horrible at staying with a workout routine).
I want more peace of mind (but I surround myself with noise).

I want to be more Grateful in life…but I can’t get my Ego to shut the hell up.
I catch myself thinking with the Mindset of Scarcity rather than Abundance Consciousness which only continues the spiral.



The biggest issue we face is not “being grateful” but being aware of “what we have to be grateful for”. Our Egos are on warp drive with the mantra Go.Go..Get.Get.Get.Me.Me.Me  that slowing down seems next to impossible.

Take today – A rough morning at work goes from bad to worst when IT shuts down the SAP system for emergency maintenance for over 2 hours. Inside my head the fear of “oh gods, my work load will be insane.. SLAs won’t be met…I won’t leave on time for Hubby to get to hockey practice…shit, shit, shit.”

Pause. Stop. Rewind.

The Grateful Mindy Mindset flips the switch.

I have 2.5 hours to relax – and get paid.
I can listen to today’s mantra for the 40 Day Meditation Challenge.
I can work on those blog posts in Draft.
I can color in my Adult coloring books I got for Christmas
I can take a walk.

That’s better.

It can be hard to catch our mind when our thoughts are spiraling but it can be done. I will be trying to be more mindful of my thoughts this week.





Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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