Sunday Funday Updates

This week has been a trial and error of balance for me. Making time for my CWA lessons while being ill with a stomach virus, plus having Mercury Retrograde screw with my communication abilities (at work and at home) has made me sulky and a bit pissy. Hubby antics haven’t been helping but he’s chopping at the bit for the new job to start. I hope he starts sooner than the 1st!

This week 3 in CWA Jess took us through a version of the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte since she is a licensed facilitator. The irony is that Danielle made available her audio book and workbooks via email back in the first of January which I got in on.

The concept is very simple. Instead of 2016 resolutions Danielle asks “How do you want to feel in 2016?” You go through several exercises where you look at various parts of your life and list what you are grateful for and what isn’t working for you. Then you dig deeper into how these areas make you feel.

Once you know that – you list how you want to feel in 2016 and how you do NOT want to feel…and then plan your actions around those ideals.

Working through Jess’s course I narrowed my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) to:


Then we did a Candle/Tarot magick exercise to meditate on how to bring our CDFs into our lives. Here are some photos of mine:


Focusing and bringing these CDFs into my life requires planning.
Juggling is not my forte.

So one thing I have looked into this year is better planners. Not calendars… but more soul centered ‘get it done’ guides since I am a chronic writer type and digital life of Evernote and TinyCalendar haven’t really make an impact with me.

The final 3 I planned to test out:

The Spark Planner/Notebook by Kate Matsudaira found here (a Kickstarter I backed)
This one I am currently using and love so far – the Planner is a 2016 calendar year whereas their Spark notebook is undated. I have the planner version.

The Desire Map Planner (daily/weekly) by Danielle LaPorte found here.
Sadly, the Daily is sold out so I could not get this one to try.

The Rituals for Life Dreambook by Briana and Peter Borten at The Dragontree Apothecary found here.
Sadly, the Daily Dreambook & Planner is sold out so I could not get this one to try.

Looks like I’ll have to wait for 2017. No biggie.

More blog posts are in the works. I am looking to start covering more topics and will have some time tonight and tomorrow to begin working on writing. My goal is 1 post a week for now – just to get me accountable for keeping this space flowing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful End of January!






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