Today’s Tarot Pull

The Divine is smiling down today. All but one of my coworkers are working form home today so its very quiet around the office. The Light-for-now workload has been wonderful and I just completed my portion of a massive team project a week early!

Tis a very good day in Cubicle Land. 🙂

Hubby is also wrapping up an interview as I type so best of luck to him and his endeavors!

With some Open time I figured I would pull a card and see what is in store for me.


The first thing I see in the Page of Cups is that it relates to the element of Water and is representative of emotions, relationships, feelings and creativity. The Page is looking at the fish in his cup; either admiringly or indecisive. He appears to be on the beach with flowing waves of the ocean. His tunic look like they are covered in water lilies/lotuses so I feel its about a renewal “No Mud/ No Lotus” kind of thing.

The fish in the cup is still odd to me so I don’t know what to make of it. Is the man surprised to find a fish in his cup? I know I would be!

When I look at everything and try to fit it together I get a sense of that this card nudges us to believe in unexpected inspiration in things that connect with the Water element (emotions, relationships, feelings and creativity). This could be in effect of great news that there could be a emotional response to.

All I got to say is I hope this card is in relation to Hubby getting the job! that would be wonderful!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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