Midway CWA WK 2 Progress

This morning after getting to work I shuffled my cards and asked what it is that I need to know today. Out Came the Chariot Card.


This card has not come up in my readings yet and following Jess’s class we aren’t suppose to be looking up card meanings but using our intuition as to what the card means.

This card is interesting because it is of a man in a chariot being pulled away from a town by 2 sphinxes. The stars and moons pull me to some celestial influences  while the symbols on his clothes is alchemy related.

The sphinxes remind me of the positive/negative pairing or the white/black magic aspect. That is folly as all magic is energy and energy is neither black or white.

What strikes me is that he is leaving a town. He is leaving civilization or society to pursue a a more spiritual meaning in life after all he IS being pulled by Sphinxes.


What makes this card interesting is the fact that I feel I am in a bit of a mess at work. We are at the review time of the year and there is all this talk about owning your career with the company, moving up the ladder etc but what I want to do with my life has NOTHING to do with this company or even the field I am in.

I feel like I must choose either the safety of the paycheck or my passions. A choice I never thought I would have to even consider making. Do I stay or do I also turn my back on convention and leap like the Fool card?

Lots to think about.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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