Warning: I am totally meandering. There is no point to this post.

I don’t know what to write.

This is a bit different and a bit raw but I’m in a musing mood.
I’m currently at my art desk downstairs on my work laptop covering for our split shift. I have gotten all the work completed and caught up so I’m just is a floaty mood.

It might be due to the New Moon energies still out here or the fact I’m pushing 50 hours with no quality of sleep. It could even been the 40 ounces of sugar free Redbull that I’ve taken in since 6am this morning (I hate the stuff but on rare bad days like this- there is no option).

The mood is also set here at the desk.  Margarita Yankee candle burning, since it’s wayyy past 5 o’clock here. I just got in a new load of incense – Shoyeido exactly. Its lighter scents and hardly smokes like other stuff I have used previously – with temperamental fire alarms in this apartment – less is more. You can find all there stuff on Amazon.

The 6 pound Salt lamp is casting a wonderful peach white glow and the soft melodies from Youtube play on a 3 hr spa/meditation video are coming through my stereo.

Normally, I dislike this shift but I think setting the mood up while I work and not write on WP does make it better. Why I didn’t think of this earlier… I don’t know. I think I did not want to sullen my sacred space with the 9-5 stuff. This was where I write, dream, paint and work a spell or two when I need more space. I am very protective of that energy.

But today that wasn’t going to work. The laptop’s internal keyboard was replaced 3 weeks ago but now I have no K, L, :, {[ keys functioning.
While my fingers often cannot keep up with my mind I certainly do not need to sound completely hammered at 5 pm when talking to an fellow employee on messenger.

Granted she knew exactly what I was saying and while laughing herself silly…

So to be able to function (with little sanity at this point in the day) I borrowed Hubby’s nice keyboard from the office. My lapdesk would not fit this full size corded monster, my 15inch HP laptop, and trackball mouse.
Thus here I am.

Amazed that working 9-5 business is NOT mucking energies and that my mood inducers are really helping me mellow out and enjoy my split shift when the last few days have been a total roller coaster both at work and home. Thank the Divine for the nudge!

I have to be available for another 10 minutes for emergencies but then I’ll enjoy crockpot curry we made yesterday and unwind with some 3DS Pokemon Y time until the ZzQuil takes me to paradise…

I need to go with the flow more.
And by flow, I mean..please someone put me on cruise ship.
I need some moon on the open sea time right now.

Now that was Soulful.

My picture below, copyrighted from this time last year from the Norwegian Pearl.










































































































































Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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