CWA – Week 1


I am still very much alive and getting down with my week 1 of CWA.
As expected the first week is very much a get to know the instructor and how the course will be ran for the rest of the year.

The lessons are broken down to 2 PDFs: the weekly lesson and then the Chakra lesson. This week we are reviewing definitions, how and why magick works and then our first lesson in getting to know our tarot cards.

It was at this time I realized that my Mini Rider-Waite deck was not going to cut it with the shuffling and readings. So I placed an order for the Radiant Rider Waite Deck which should be at my apartment in a few hours right now. I’m really excited to get my hands on this deck and start using it.

In Our private FB group we had a discussion on how to cleanse the cards. One person, suggested the following:

“First, I would hold it in my non-dominate hand and thump a fist with the other hand to release symbolically any energy previously held by people who’ve handled it while packaging and making. I make them sit on the sea salt bed for a while. Lastly, I will  smudge them with incense individually and hold to my heart while saying a blessing. I store them in a wood box or silk bag with quartz and sage.”

I plan on doing something like this with my new cards.


I also ordered a new Mala from YogaChickJewelry to be dedicated to this course. Its a gentle lepidolite and amazonite beads hand knotted with a silver charm. She’s been with me much of the day today trying to keep me centered and grounded amidst some chaos.



Hubby is still working on employment so to make things a bit easier I have cancelled my gym membership and I’m not planning on races until he has a solid job. Races are generally $25-$35 each so if he wants to do a few – then one entry is enough on the budget.

I have taken back to doing Yoga in the mornings with my Yoga Studio App. I’m still working on what time feels good as far as getting up and getting going in the wee morning hours but I definitely feel the difference at work so that is a positive.

My word this year is Gentleness so I am focusing on walking, yoga and biking when the weather is right. I’d like to find a yoga studio to take in person classes (tried Sunstone over the summer but the heat was too much). If I ever contemplated becoming a certified yoga instructor I’d like to try to blend Mindfulness into the class moreso…and also gear it to the overweight clients to create more body acceptance.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing and working with the Chakra portion of the lesson before Week 2 comes out on Monday.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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