Endings and Beginnings


Hello Gorgeous souls!
I do hope that everyone had a wonderful (but more calm than chaotic) Holiday Season with your loved ones.

I myself went out of town to visit inlaws and outlaws and got to experience Mother Nature’s best in “gray rainy 7 hour drive home” splendor…

I know I have been quiet on this blog but there has been alot of reflection and self work behind the screen. I’ve been trying to figure out how best to use this blog and what messages I need to be a vessel for. Soon, my 52 week course will begin and I hope to use this spot as a reflection point on the lessons and messages. come through clearly.

There is also a potential work improvement where I might change Departments and Hubby’s work situation will be changing shortly as well. Couple that with his Hockey classes (and work certs.) and my class I am really trying to figure out how best to not be a ghost on here so not to get sucked into I dont have the time excuse.

2015 has been a year in patience for me both with myself and others. It’s also opened by eyes even more to the fact that what I want to do…and what I’m doing now are not in sync with my Truth. So, baby steps are in the works to direct me to a better situation.

Every New Year’s eve I pick a new word. A new mantra  if you will, and for 2016 the word is Gentleness. I tend to put myself in a pressure cooker by taking on too much of things that are not my responsibility. So I am working on stepping back and quiet the inner critic and taking responsibility for only my own doings.

Gentleness is also big in the whole exercise routine that I never really stuck with. My goal is to move a bit everyday. That’s it. Whether its a walk or some yoga from my Yoga Studio app – just something. Run if I feel like it, bike if the weather is nice. Things I find fun and not demanding on improvement (ie running).

So we will see how it goes.

The blanket is finally at the halfway point with 3 more balls on the blue/green portion then the final phase. I plan on working a Hooded Cowl/Scarf afterwards. No pictures yet but I will get some soon.

I am thinking about pulling cards for monthly readings and possibly Weekly if I can tie it into my coursework with Jess. Not completely sold on the weekly part. Fun soul memo pictures will pop up whenever I find a few good ones to include.


So there you have it, the shortish update from Texas. May your New Year shine brightly for all to see!!!

See you in 2016!!!

All my best,


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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