Yarn Obsessions and Cards

Evening everyone!

I’m currently on stand by to enroll in Jess Carlson’s Cosmic Wisdom Academy at midnight ( learn about it here) so I wanted to share some behind the scenes of what I have been up to this past week.

Phase 1 of the Crochet Comforter is nearly complete. The blue and cream blend is 42 inches wide and 80 inches long. I still have 2 more phases and I hope to have this project done before New Years.


Phase 2: Green and Blue blend, rerolled tonight.

Then the final set Phase 3, green and cream to the right.


Crocheting has been my saving grace from the crazy work week with the closing of November and we had 2 people out to add to the fun times.

As with Black Friday I did end up doing some shopping for myself and got a tarot deck I have long since admired. The Wild Unknown Tarot deck  is full of  natural mysticism allure for me and while I have kept up my studies I was never pulled to the Riders-Waite. When I saw Jess use these cards in a periscope reading it felt like a kick in the gut. I worked with my guides and there was no question I had to have it. I have worked with them a little bit, slowly to become familiar and the messages are very loud and clear.

You can find it here only. Below are some stock photos from Google of the cards and the guidebook you can also get.

There probably won’t be a Soul Memo for tomorrow as I’ll be up late tonight and have a long shift tomorrow (thank goddess its a work form home day). I will try on my break but if I get my enrollment taken care of tonight I will most likely be reviewing materials.

Thanks for hanging with me while I wait to enroll in my course! Hope you all have a great morning! *yawn*



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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