Soul Memos #18


Its Thursday and we are past the half way point of the week.

Today let us honor our emotions.

Many of us have grown up  being told that certain emotions are bad and we should repress those. These could be feelings from certain events or reactions to individuals. We have been raised to “keep the peace” instead on honoring our authentic voice.

However, by honoring your emotions that arise I don’t mean go batshit crazy  on your manager when he tosses another issue into your lap. That will get you peace of mind but you might also be fired.

Instead acknowledge every emotion you feel. If you are feeling mad, then acknowledge that you are! Don’t try to bury it down or chastise yourself for the emotion. Welcome it and sit with it and see if you can find out why it is coming up.

Being mad at your manager for another issue in your lap is one thing. But understanding that the emotion comes from your sense of being overwhelmed or under appreciated and maybe not everyone is pulling their weight on the team.

Once you know  why these emotions (both good and bad) are surfacing you can work to recenter and ground yourself back into Peace.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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