The 4Cs to the New Year: Choosing Intentions

Warning, long post!

There are 4 Cs I always work on when a new year is approaching. I have pretty much dedicated December to this Magical plan.
The Cs are: Close, Clear, Cleanse and Choose.

We have covered Closing Out the Year here; Clearing the Clutter here and Cleansing the Self here.

Books have been written about it.
TED talks abound on the subject.
We try to live life by it.


Harvard Business School conducted a 10 year study on goal setting…

Only 3% of the study group set clear intentions and had written down their goals. These people earned (on average) 10 times the amount that the other 97% of the study participants earned.*


Because they took the time to set intentions for themselves, reviewed them daily and worked to manifest the results.

 #1 Intention Setting and Manifesting your Goals doesn’t work nearly as well if you do not write them down. Writing them down makes them concrete because they aren’t just in your head now.

It’s the difference between driving from Washington to Miami with your iPhone maps app in hand… or deciding you want to drive to Miami but not even taking a damn map. What’s going to get you there quicker and with less frustration?

The story gets even worse when you haven’t even decided what to see and do. So you just get in your car and drive around aimlessly, not really sure what you’re looking for – and not really finding it either.

Goals are the destination and they are the map to get you there.

Now, many people set New Years resolutions every year. Lord knows how many times I swear “I’m gonna lose 20 lbs this year.” and it never happens. Why? Its realistic isn’t it? True. But that’s the end result. I did not set the intention on HOW I was going to accomplish this intention.

So what are some intentions you want to bring into your life?

Lose weight?
More happiness?
Wake up earlier?
Budget better?

So the #2 part of Intention setting is make it achievable. “I want to spend more time with my husband” is great but its not actionable. “I want to have 2 date nights a month with my husband.” is actionable. Its a intention that aligns with my desire to spend more time with my husband. Actionable means you can check the box off on your list.

So say I really want to lost 20lbs in a year. That’s about  1.7lbs a month. So what can I do monthly to assure I can hit that goal of losing 1.7lbs?

Did you see that? I broke down the 20lbs to a more manageable monthly goal.
I can break that down even further to include my achievables, that I will:
walk twice a week
have a long bike ride a week
and do yoga at home 3 times a week

So now I have bite size weekly intentions which tie into my monthly intention which aligns perfectly with my yearly intention. Having a plan sets me up to be much more successful. However this is all a mute point if I do not actively review my Intentions.

Now look at your intentions. What can you do to break them down to Monthly and Weekly goals?
The final #3 is that you should review your intentions often. We are human and we can get off our game-plan easily enough by holidays and vacations, not to mention crazy life changes.

By writing down your intentions you can review them very easily. You can see what achievables are working for you but also which ones you may need to rethink. So say, since its winter time bike riding once a week is just not going to happen.
What about hitting the gym to ride the bike? Maybe I need to add a  few gym days instead of outdoor activities?
Is it bad that I couldn’t stick with my original achieveables?
Nope. Life is about adapting to the circumstances.

How often should you review your Intentions?
I try to do it once a week in my journal but I also keep a few apps that serve ads daily reminders to help me stay on track while at work.





Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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