The 4Cs to the New Year: Cleansing and Self Care

Warning, long post!

There are 4 Cs I always work on when a new year is approaching. I have pretty much dedicated December to this Magical plan.
The Cs are: Close, Clear, Cleanse and Choose.

We have covered Closing Out the Year here and Clearing the Clutter here.

Now we have done the elbow grease work of getting our spaces cleared out; to promote more creativity, less stress and correct the ebb and flow of the energy around us we need to consider our personal energy.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and gazed longer than just skin deep? What things are there you wish you could change for yourself? I’m not talking about physical flaws here. I’m talking about the internal habits and mindsets we can often get stuck in.

What negative mindsets have you been stuck in?
Do you want to be more happy?
Less stressed?
More peaceful?

All of these are great changes to work towards that will bring in more positivity into your life. The first step is to analyze what is making you NOT have these in your life.

This is where the Cleansing comes in. We’ve all heard of detoxing and juice cleanses for our bodies. But here we are to focus on understanding what is triggering the actions and emotions we want to detox from ourselves.

This time last year I was not happy. I had a stressful- uncreative- job where everything was urgent and deadlines were “needed it yesterday”. The team I was on had turn over rate but it took 6 months to fully train anyone. However, the pay was good and benefits even better. The company was a Fortune Top 10 so I had no worries about instability.

I  took alot of things at that job as internally as I was raised to personally invest in my job. I saw that as dedication. I saw it as my job to make the environment better for all whom I interacted with.  The stress and the frustration would seriously get to me in ways that affected my happiness, health and marriage. After a meltdown I had to take a step back and try to understand why I was letting event effect me the way they do.

I discovered I was a people pleaser and due to my high empathic nature I was always draining my energy trying to keep everyone happy. When a problem came up that I couldn’t help with I felt like I failed. I took failure so personally that I would mentally and emotional punish myself. The stress would push me so hard that I would be too exhausted to interact with my husband  when I got home and the mere thought of domestic chores would break me down to tears.

Overwhelmed times 10.
I didn’t want to continue the cycle I was caught up in.

I needed to relearn how to say No.
I needed to understand that I can only be responsible for myself and not the emotional state of others.
I needed to better tools for stress management.
I needed to understand Reaction vs. Response
I need to start putting myself first.

So stop. Breathe. Dig deep and look to find the Why.


Around this time I started following Leonie Dawson’s blog who was a radical self care advocate. I had never heard of this.



Self Care is the constant repetition of many tiny habits, which together soothe you and make sure you’re at your optimum—emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The best way to do this is to implement tiny self-care habits every day. To regularly include in your life a little bit of love and attention for your own body, mind, and soul.

For myself, its turning off the constant “Go” mode.
Once the Laptop is closed my work time is done and it stays ‘in the laptop’ not to bring that home.
I realized that by coming in early will not give me an edge to get through the work- the work will always be there.
I let things roll off my back that aren’t my responsibility.

Outside of work I make time for:
monthly massages
daily walks
sacred soaking baths

Tiny Buddha also has some wonderful ideas to improve your Self Care routine here but you can also find several ideas on Pinterest too.

My favorite ‘How to start a Self care routine’ article can be found here.

Look over these and see what would work for you and what doesn’t. Plan your own routine and try to make changes to add one or 2 self care actions a month. Do what feels right to yourself to set yourself up for positive change.

Once you work through what you need to Cleanse you can build the Self care routine to help improve your well being that can become the foundation to positive lifestyle.


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