Where there is tea…

Good Morning!
I wanted to pop in and see how everyone is doing today. I wanted to let everyone know that the Turkey Trot was a success with very little rain and perfect temps. Hubby and Christy survived the 8mile while I held a 20 min/mile pace for the 5K which I kind of expected since I had not ran in a month or so. It was a nice day out and felt good to get the shoes back on.
Until I found a quarter size blister on one foot…serves me right!

Hubby, Christy, and Me

Hubby, Christy, and Me

Post race is was a quick lunch and then getting to work on Thanksgiving. Christy always brings her award winning pies while the Master Chef and I prepare the main dishes.

This… is how we do Turkey. 2 breasts, 4 thighs and a wing with a solid rub and some veggies for flavor. On low for about 10 hours.


Fall of the bone tender! The feast was insane and we still have so much turkey left 🙂

I ended up getting a massage yesterday and was talking to my masseuse about doing the running streak idea for 2016 and the knee jerk retort I got was:

“Your body doesn’t need more running. Your body needs freaking yoga and about 13 lacrosse balls.”

I  laughed but I knew she was right. My muscles has absolutely no give to them and “tight” was an understatement.
I had actually tried hot yoga at Sunstone but it was too awkward for an obese person and I wasn’t too keen on the atmosphere.

So now I am toying with the idea of finding some at home DVDs of yoga to start to incorporate that into my practice. I might try a 30 day challenge as that might be a better way to improve physically in a manner with most benefit.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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