Soul Memos #12



One of the core teachings from my Wiccan path was (and is still) ‘Harm None, but do what you will’. This is a more upgraded version that has been making its way around the internet forums.

I’ve been told a few times that I am too Kind for my own good.
If you have your blinker on, I’ll let you in. I try not to speed through yellowish lights. I’ll smile and wave to most kids. All puppies need extra pets.

But being Kind 80% of the time does not mean I allow others to walk over me.
Being Kind does not mean I will always say yes to your request at work.
Being Kind does not mean I will always go the extra mile.
Being Kind does not mean that I won’t stand up for myself because you think a kind person doesn’t handle confrontation.

Being kind means:
I honor my Soul.
I know my limitations.
I know when rest is needed.
I take care of myself first.
I will say No.

I try to harm none with my thoughts, words and actions.
But I will take no shit.




Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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