The 4Cs of the New Year: Closing the Year

Warning, long post!

There are 4 Cs I always work on when a new year is approaching. I have pretty much dedicated December to this Magical plan.
The Cs are: Close, Clear, Cleanse and Choose.

Closing out the Year

When one door closes another one will open. Well not if you don’t lock it!

The biggest mistake I see from clients is that they have such great goals and wishes for the new year that they forget to close the door on the past one. The forget to review that last year and heal from whatever lessons it held for them.
The are so excited and determinate to have a great 2016 but come February…old shit has come back up and it completely derails them.
So, check what you are packing in that baggage for yours before you take it with you into the new year. Sit with those events and ask “am I really healed from this?”. “Can I let this go?”. If not, you have some work to do.

This is the time when I reread my journal and I write my Forgiveness Lists. Any past hurt or bad memory gets meditation time so when I am ready I can pack my bag with “lessons learned” (both good and bad) and my hopes for next year.
Everything else is either let go of or filed away behind that closed door. I actually do a visualization meditation on this and firmly LOCK that door. If I want to come back and reminisce I can – BUT that door won’t open without my key being there.

I mentioned Forgiveness Lists.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.  It is a release from the burden of anger and pain.  When you choose to forgive, you choose to live in the present and the future instead of the past.  It does not mean to forget but it does mean to release and go on.  Forgiveness doesn’t happen on it’s own, you must choose to forgive. It can be very hard process as our Egos like to hold grudges and continue the victim mentality.

I write 2 lists. One for everyone who has ‘wronged me- even the most slightest way’ the second one is for myself and how I have wronged myself.
If anyone has suffered with low self esteem, negative thoughts and self talk – you know have badly we hurt ourselves without even realizing it. I’ve been stuck in my head, lost in a deep depression of worthlessness too.

Through the month of December I work through these lists, forgiving those on them. Some comes easy. Other’s are so hard that I can’t so those I will carry into 2016 and continue to work on healing instead of pushing to the side.

Another list I do *most of the time* is a gratitude list, though its better if you keep a section of daily gratitudes in your journal because a year is a longgg time to try and remember something. If you have one, write these events out and keep it.

I try to time my completion of working these lists by the New moon (gratitude) and Full moon (forgiveness) if possible, but depending on when they fall in the month its not always feasible. Full moon is on Christmas and I’ll be with my inlaws…totally not going to happen this year!

Ritually, I always burn these lists either on the correct moon or the last week before New years/post-Christmas. Its a releasing ceremony with cord cutting, reiki, meditation, and prayer. I tend to make it elaborate but you can make it as easy as blessing the paper and burning it in a fire safe container and away from the smoke alarms.

The ritual is the final step to healing from 2015 and securely locking that door before opening 2016.

Watch for the #2 C: Clearing! coming soon.



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