Happy Thanksgiving!


My level of crazy knows no bounds.

Per tradition, Hubby, our best gal pal Christy and myself always do the YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot downtown on Thanksgiving morning. Touch cool last year.

Yes, Hubby and I do cook but we’re smart and get turkey parts at Central Market. We just put a rub on them and toss them in a lined crockpot set on low all day. Mind Blown I know! 

This year will be warm and wet…like flash flood wet. So even though this post is scheduled ahead of time the Trot may not happen if there is storms/lightning in the area. Lightening is really the only reason why a race would be cancelled most of the time.
Granted, during the Monsoon of 2015 we actually had a race cancelled TWICE due to flooding. First time was due to the rain. #2 was due to the spillway being opened on the dam at Lake Lewisville and put the trail under 6 feet of water…

So here is to crazy Thanksgiving traditions! I hope everyone have a fabulous holiday with loved ones…..and pie.

Who doesn’t love pie?

Blessings everyone!



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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