Weekend Round Up


Good Morning! its is still morning? Yeah!

Well I was  productive this morning and finally…FINALLY…got my Welcome page and About Me page updated. I know that has been a long time coming.

The Blanket project is underway. Special note about crocheting, when you are going for specific dimensions use the bloody measuring tape and not someone’s suggestion on chain number. I was thinking queen size bed and online suggestion was chained 175…which came out to 12 ft and not 7ft!
Learn from my fail and save your sanity of unravelling your work ‘down to size’. Sheesh!

The mostly-daily Soul Memos will be getting switched over to more inspirational message rather than tarot cards.
Don’t get me wrong, I like pulling cards but since I am still learning the Tarot via lessons I and getting a bit slow in getting the writing portion down between work breaks and posting it late in the day (which to me is a bit pointless) so we are gonna switch it up and as I get better with the Tarot I will consider doing a weekly card pull or try my hand at a weekly reading.

Running time!
Per tradition Thanksgiving for the Running Crew involves the Turkey Trot in Dallas.

Since 2015 I did not have a running goal (2013-14 I had # of races completed challenges) I have been slacking off in a bad way. I came across the Runner World Holiday Run Streak challenge that lasts from Thanksgiving – New Years. Its really simple – one 1 mile run a day. Everyday.
Totally Doable for me.

Then I had an idea – what if I continued the streak through 2016? What if THAT was my challenge? A run a day. How could that effect my health in a positive manner?

At 287 lbs I had completed a Half Marathon (surprise- no weight lost even after months of training). What if I dialed the intensity wayyy back next year?

So more to come on that idea…

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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