Soul Memo #9

Today’s card, the Four of Swords is definitely a welcomed sight, though it might come off as a little dark.

The Four of Swords shows a period of rest and recovery after a time of challenge, with the promise that, once recovered, you can and will return to the challenge. In the meantime, the Four of Swords provides a new challenge – to stay silent and inactive.
This is the time build up your mental strength. Meditate and spend time in a calm atmosphere. You need to replenish your strength and spend time in spiritual thinking. You need to rest and relax.

The Four of Swords is also a sign that you can stop worrying, put down your defenses and take a breather from the chaos around you. Constant stress and tension will break even the hardest and most resilient of people but brief periods of rest enable you to refresh your energy, concentration and focus, ready for the next challenge. These rests should be used wisely, to heal the body and ready the mind.


The reason why this card is so welcomed in my life right now is that as of 4:30pm yesterday I am on vacation for Thanksgiving. A full week of rest and relaxation with only minor goals to accomplish (laundry and dishes never do themselves)…plus I will set up a few massages this week and work on the BIG crochet project.

Right now also my Hubby is getting his professional online stuff in order so this card is also a sign for me to stop worrying. Everything will work out on the end for us.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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