MIA Last Week

Good morning everyone,

From Thursday (12th) last week to today has been an up and down roller coaster that has taken me offline for a few days.

Thursday I was suppose to work form home but due to IT issues I had to go into the office to get the problem fixed. After 2 hours of getting that issue resolved we find out that they are turning the water off to the office for 4-5 hours.
I was okay with that but I had to stay because the computer HAD to be hard-connected to the domain for 4 hours to sync out my issues.

Well they decided to close the building which meant I couldn’t stay or we would be in violation. I couldn’t leave the laptop due to another violation.

So I was in a (BIT) Big Irish Tizzy after driving back home not 3 hours later since I arrived. I tried to log in from home- and as suspected – computer would not work. So now I had to eat PTO time I had booked for a vacation in December.

Then I realized someone was in my apartment….

So now I’m in a B.I.T and on the edge of a panic attack only to find out its the Hubby. Hubby was home at 10:30am….

Hubby had been laid off.



Then the next day was the horrors of the attacks on Paris. I was beside myself at work. Tears running down my face off and on; the heartache was all consuming through the weekend. I took time off to crochet on my blanket and meditate on the recent chaos both in my life and in the world.



No matter our faiths, whether they be different or the same, we are One People on this Earth. Terrorism has no religion.


This week I hadn’t had time to pull cards or write because I am having to make up 6 hours at work and coming in at 6am. Once I get home it more domestic time while Hubby works on resumes and applications. Exhausted, I would be in bed shortly after dinner.

After today I will have made up the hours so I plan on getting back into post the daily cards and inspirations tomorrow.


Love and Blessings,








Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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