New Moon Magic – November 11th 2015


The Moon has always considered as a mysterious and powerful force. It moves the tides and guides the flow of the Universal energies. As humans, we are made up of a lot percentage water or fluid, and so the Moon also affects us, especially women who, away from artificial light, will find that their own bleeding will often coincide certain phases of the Moon.

The Moon goes through eight phases during its 28 cycle, each lasting about three and a half days. Starting from the first sliver that appears in our skies, the Moon slowly increases in size. As it increases, so its energy also grows. It is, therefore, during these waxing phases of the Moon, we can focus on bringing things into our lives, and for starting new projects. The first phase is that of the New Moon, which lasts for up to three and a half days. Both the solar and lunar energies are combined in this phase. The New Moon offers the opportunity to start planning those long and short term goals.

Magical ways to celebrate the New Moon

New moons symbolize rebirth, creation, and beginnings. I LOVE the new moon because with it comes a surge of muse energy for new ventures!

  1. Create something new. Meditate the night before the new moon and ask the muse to inspire a new creation – a lovely meal, a handwritten or handmade card, a game for your kids, or a craft item for your business. Get up the next day and carve out at least 30 minutes of creative space to make what you feel inspired by in the moment.
  2. Light a black candle at sundown. The color of the new moon is black or darkest blue – the color of the night sky absent bright moonlight. Meditate and reflect.
  3. Wear labradorite. The gem of the dark moon is labradorite – sister stone of moonstone, the stone of the full moon. Wear it to channel your creativity and inner wisdom.
  4. Commit to a new perspective on an old subject. What issue in your life needs a fresh coat of emotional paint? Use new moon energy to reimagine what’s possible in one small area of your life. And then act on what you imagine.
  5. Set an intention for a larger beginning or rebirth in your life. This new moon is the PERFECT time to do this because every new moon is a clean energetic slate and you can set a massive intention. What do you want to do differently? Here’s your shot!
  6. Set up a New Moon Altar – The New Moon is a time to set intentions. Some people will reflect of what they want to bring into their life: more happiness; more abundance; more creativity. Create a sacred space and showcase items or Vision Boards of your intention.
  7. Preform your own New Moon ritual, see this article (here) for ideas to creating your own. I have personally used Abundance checks (here) for my last New Moon.
  8. You can even take the opposite approach of doing something for more rest and recharging your spirit. 

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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