Soul Memo #7

Its been some time since I pulled a card for us. I just completed my crochet Card Mat  as well as working through the exercises in Dusty White’s tarot book which are going very well! I hope to make more progress during the weekend.

Today’s card is from the Major Arcana is The Hanged Man.

The first thing I notice is his face is calm and not in anguish so that makes me think that this is of his own accord. Secondly is the halo. Symbolically there are several things going on here. From my research the tree he is hanging form is often considered to be the World Tree. With his right foot (viewer) is tied to he top of the Tree suggests Spiritual enlightenment as one of this goals and the path he is set on.

Colors often have meanings as well. The man is wearing red pants representing human passion and the physical body, a blue coat for knowledge, and yellow shoes representing his high ideals. Around the Hanged Man’s head is a bright yellow halo showing spiritual attainment.

When the Hanged Man makes an Upright appearance, he reflects a need to suspend action, and as a result, a period of indecision may be indicated. Decisions or actions that need to be implemented will be postponed, even if, at the time, there is a sense of urgency to act.
In fact, you may be much better off if you can stall on any decision-making at this time in order to provide yourself with more time to reflect.  At times not acting will help to shed more light on what other options are available to you and will allow more attractive opportunities to emerge.

The Hanged Man can sometimes reflect that you are feeling stuck or restricted in your life. You need to get in touch with why you are feeling this way, and work to release yourself from these restrictions. In this way, the Hanged Man is also about letting go. You need an emotional release from whatever it is that is leaving you feeling stuck.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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