November Inspiration

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween/Samhain!
Today marks the first day of the Celtic New Year as the final harvest is completed and now we enter the Dark time of the year- what I like to call the Crone time.

Where I am at the Crone time lasts from November- February and is a time for deep reflection and planning for the Spring (or 2016). What do I want to accomplish? What are my goals? If something didn’t work this year what changes do I make?

So begin thinking and planning out your small steps.
During this Waning moon consider what you want to send away, cleanse, or banish form your life. Energy cord cutting those whom are not a part of your life should be considered. “Spring cleaning” your home may also be wise to get rid of clutter and dust bunnies.

The New Moon will be be  Nov. 11 so  this date harnesses the moon energies to bring in what you want in your life. More love? abundance? health?
Between this moon and the Full Moon (27th) is the waxing period and a period to pull desires to you. Setting up abundance altars is a common practice and you can Google “Abundance checks” to incorporate into your sacred space.




Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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